Saturday, June 9, 2018

Tea in the Garden Before the Rain

Hello Sweet Tea Lovers!

How is the weather in your part of the world?

The sky is looking dark and dismal so
 I am rushing to set up our tea time before the rain begins. Our weather pattern has unfortunately

The pink Sadler teapot was once my dear mother's.

The pale pink teacup is a Foley.

The peonies are nearly finished and the recent rain has left them drooping in the garden.

Even as they wither their scent is beautiful.

The roses are also hiding from the showers.

I hope that the showers turn to sunshine soon.

Thank you for your visit today!


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  1. Dear Karen: I love the Sadler that was your's Mom's and the lovely teacup and saucer. Yes, the weather is always changing and now we have very, very hot. That's what summer is supposed to be I suppose. I have been out working in the garden everyday for about 3-4 hours and thank goodness for showers! Thank you for sharing your love Tea In The Garden.

  2. You have marvelous teapots and that one is just adorable!So beautiful!Sweet roses and peonies,balm for the soul!Hugs!

  3. The temperatures have dipped down to the high teens, but at least the sun is shining. And my peonies finally started blooming. What a sweet tea set. I also have a couple of Foley teacups, but mine are light blue.

  4. Your roses and peonies are stunning. Love Your romantic tea time