Wednesday, August 1, 2018

A Change in the Weather

Hello Tea Lovers!

There has been a change in the weather on the west coast and I'm hoping it doesn't rain today.

I was so so fortunate yesterday when I found this creamy, dreamy Sadler Cube at Goodwill.  It was $9.99 and had just been donated.

Hubby knew I'd found a rare treasure when he saw my face and me clutching it tightly to my heart.

It was a very lucky day for me because I had also found a teacup for my daughter in law's Royal Albert pattern Howarth.  (Not pictured). I found it at Salvation Army for $3.99 for her upcoming birthday present.  Not often do we have this success when thrifting.

The other teapot today is a Pope Gossem Rose Point which is Made in U.S.A.  It caught my eye because  of it's resemblance to Royal Albert's American Beauty pattern. This was my mother's dinner set but unfortunately is not at the cottage so I can't show you the rose similarities. 

I love it's rosed shape handle and lid.

This Chintz like teacup is a Sutherland.  Made in England. 

The other teacup is one of my favourite dainty Shelley's.

I recently found these summer-ish bobbled birdy cushions at Ross. They helped to update my white Ikea loveseat and brighten the cottage.

Thank you for stopping by today!

See you next time!


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  1. Hi Karen!What a great finding!It is stunning!Gorgeous china,I love everything...That pink bird is also cute.Hugs!

  2. Well, you just confirmed that my Goodwill is gouging on prices. You get cups and saucers in there at $9.99! Teapots start at $14.99

    Truly wonderful finds.

  3. Your local Goodwill has the best Sadler teapots. I've seen Sadler teapots around here, but never in the cube shape.

  4. So so pretty. Love that Pink crochet piece. All the PINK actually. HAHA!!

    Charlotte Moore

  5. Dear Karen:
    I don't know how you find such amazing bargains. I love all your pieces today and the USA teapot with the unique lid and handles is wonderful - well, everything is wonderful though. I thank you for sharing your always sweet tea in the garden!

  6. Karen, I love it all--can't pick a favorite! Wish I had your skill at bargain hunting!