Thursday, August 9, 2018

The Heat is Back!

Welcome Sweet Tea Friends!

The heat has returned!

The temperature is much cooler at the cottage so we escaped to the beach  for a couple of days because the nights are so very warm at home.

I still love Sadler Cube Teapots but I also have a fancy for other Sadler shapes.

I'm loving this recent find.... a vintage mint green Sadler Swirl.

Hubby has said "No more teapots."  So I've taken up golf.  He has been wanting me to for some time.  It's lovely to be outdoors and enjoy the greenery and blue sky and also a wonderful escape from life's stresses.

He's just joking because he knows I can never pass by a pretty teapot or teacup.

These two pretties are exactly the same except for their colours.

The one on the left has a greenish tint background for the daisies and the other has more blue.

Both are Rosina.

Thank you for your visit today!

Wishing you a Wonderful Week!


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Hope to see you there!



  1. Dear Karen:
    I somehow imagine a golf ball coming right around that lawn and hitting one of those pretties but I am sure you will make sure that doesn't happen! The table is so pretty with those cups laid sideways showing all the pretty design. Your green teapot is lovely!

  2. Karen, how beautiful! I wonder how many of us have counted our teapots--or do we avoid coming up with an actual number?! :D

  3. I laughed out loud when I read, "No more teapots. So I've taken up golf." You're a magnet for Sadler teapots! I'm also loving the pretty Rosina teacups. I've also broken my "no more teapots" vow...

    1. Just popping back in to reply to your comment. I also thought that my teacup which I received from a teacup exchange was a Shelley, but it's actually a Hammersley!

  4. Wonderful teacups and exquisite teapot!Have a lovely weekend!I do love your roses!