Friday, January 25, 2019

Birthday Bouquets and Teapots

Hello Lovely Friends!

It was my birthday this week and I wanted to share the beautiful flowers I received.

The gorgeous roses were from my dear daughter. I've never seen this shade before.

The "pretty in pink" tulips were from my sweet friend Kelly.

I received the matching green cream and sugar for  this Sadler cube at Christmas from Lanny.

The pale pink carnations were from my loving hubby.

And the miniature Sadler cube teapot was from my generous daughter-in-law as my birthday gift. It is a baby clone of the full-size one.

The primroses were bought for my front porch in the anticipation of spring.  And one of the large rosebud cubes is a recent welcome addition to my collection. I am so lucky that  Hubby encouraged me to get it.

I am eager for spring.  Are you?

Thank you for stopping by today.



  1. Happy Birthday,Karen!Your pink flowers and stunning teasets made me swoon!I love those gorgeous milk glasses too!Blessings!

  2. Happy Belated Birthday, Karen! I always enjoy seeing your collection of Sadler cube teapots. So pretty! Gotta love it when family picks out a gift that suits us to a TEA!

  3. Happy Birthday,Karen. It was my birthday this week too. I enjoy your blog and all the tea cups/sets you showcase.

  4. Happy Birthday!!! Your china collection is always fairy to see

  5. Happy Birthday Karen ... You flowers are beautiful as are you gorgeous yeapots..What an extraordinary collection you have...Can you hear me singing " HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU " ...HUGS

  6. Hi Karen, belated Happy birthday! I browsed back ourconversation last December and I found you now here in your blogspot hehe, I don't know if you still remember me (LadyCarlyle Teapot?)😊 I'm taking pictures of my Royal Albert tonight. So I remember you, I only saw few of your post here about your collections and I never meet you yet but I can describe you now as an elegant woman, "fragile and delicate" gorgeous, stunning! Name it all hehe you have it!