Sunday, February 24, 2019

Sunshine at the Cottage

Hello Sweet Tea Friends
Have you ever had computer glitches? 
For some reason I was unable to download pics in my usual fashion. "Upload Failed! Server Rejected" continued to show.  So I switched from Chrome to Explorer and it seems to be working again for now. Thankfully! Perseverance pays off.  Lol. 

The sun was shining so beautifully on the sideboard at the cottage that I had to take a few early morning pics.

I hope that the Google changes effective April 2019 do not affect my BlogSpot.
Thank you for stopping by!


  1. Exquisite red transferware!Adorable vignettes!Hugs!

  2. What a lovely view of your red transferware. The sunshine looks warm and friendly there and are we all ready for spring. Lovely posting here!

  3. What a wonderful collection of red and white transferwares!

    Glad to hear that your Blogger issues have been resolved. I use Firefox and haven't had any problems uploading photos (knock on wood!).

  4. Lovely and glad you took notice of a small, delightful moment!

  5. I feel your blogging pain. I had trouble uploading photos last night too and the font size kept changing throughout my post.
    I'm glad I'm able to see you beautiful collection of red transferware. You captured he lighting well.

  6. Glad to hear that you resolved the problems. Your pictures are fairy as usual

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