Saturday, September 21, 2019

Globe Shaped Sadler Cubes

Hello Dear Tea Friends!

I've missed you all.

I wanted to share my recent passion for collecting Round Sadler Cube Teapots.

I'm not really sure why they are called cubes.

Do you see beauty in them as I do?

They are very hard to find and I have been recently searching for a pink one without any luck.  
My sister has a gorgeous turquoise one.

Do you prefer the regular Sadler cube shape?

The treasure hunt continues.

Thank you for stopping by!

See you next time!


  1. Oh my goodness, these are so delightful! They are simply lovely. I am a lover of all things related to tea. I will have to research a bit regarding these sweet teapots. Cubes...hmmm... interesting. I thank you for sharing your love with me here, and appreciate your lovely photos. Have a wonderful weekend. HUGS Anne

  2. Oh my, thank round and fat teapot is darling! I love them all - that's what gets me in trouble! I haven't done many "Tea In The Gardens" lately but maybe I can do one this week and link to you! I am hoping for some cooler temps!

  3. I always enjoy seeing your beautiful Sadlers, Karen. The round Sadler teapots seem to be more common than the cubes. I LOVE your newest acquisitions. Is it me or do they look larger than the standard 6-cup Sadler round teapots?

  4. Karen, those are beautiful. And, though I like the regular cube shape, I prefer these round ones. Call me old-fashioned, but I like a round teapot! The one with the pink roses reminds me of what I've always called my "birth teapot" because my mother, for some reason just had one teapot at the time and it got broken and she and her mother had to go out and get one immediately because there was no life without a teapot! :D