Thursday, August 15, 2019

A Cozy Tea Time

Happy Summer Dear Tea Friends!

It's been a busy week with company from Denmark. We went sightseeing and had lots of large family gatherings and dinners together.

So I found a cozy corner to have a relaxing tea time and share my newest finds with you.

We did have a lovely time with my husband's family.  His sweet cousin Jette and her dear granddaughter Sarah.  

Since we hadn't been out thrifting for some time we decided to look for treasures yesterday. And I was overjoyed to find this pink beauty at Goodwill for $3.99. It's a Royal Stafford.

My other lucky find, also at Goodwill is a Royal Albert which I have never seen before.  I thought I knew all of the R.A. patterns.  It's called Bristol.

I also found another pink rosebud Sadler at Red Lion Antiques in Mount Vernon.  It isn't perfect but for $19.95 I couldn't resist.

It is missing some gold on the base and also has a chip under the lid.  Not visible in the photos.

 Our tea time is located behind some shrubs near the front window at the cottage.  Unfortunately my pics were blurry.  So sorry. 


I hope that you can find a cozy and relaxing place to enjoy your tea today!



  1. Stunning teacups!Here they would cost ten times more than that price...Beautiful teapot too.Hugs!

  2. Your decorations with all the white furniture, pink, and flowers is charming and lovely! I love the teacups. It looks like a peaceful summer day!

  3. Your post is so charming! I love your flowers on the porch. Sweet finds at the thrift stores. Those are my favorites. Thanks for sharing with us and have a delightful weekend. HUGS