Friday, January 9, 2015

A Vintage Cauldon Rose Tea

Welcome Teacup Lovers to

"A Vintage Cauldon Rose Tea"!

I do hope all is going well for you at the beginning of this exciting new year.

During the first week of December when I was supposed to be Christmas shopping I had a little diversion to Goodwill.

I fell in love with this tea set entitled "Cauldon"and it is Made in England.

At first sight I was quite sure it was made in Bavaria or Germany.  But I was wrong. 

The gold trim, mini roses and blue flowers stole my heart.

Don't you love the pedestal base on the cup?

Hubby said our favourite line,  "Get it or regret it".  So the decision was made.

Isn't he a keeper? (Oh yes, I encouraged him to purchase a larger T.V. this week and he is ecstatic... why do men love T.V.'s?)

 Maybe he thinks that I'm a keeper too!

The teacups were reasonably priced at $3.99 each. 

The tea cups had been put together with  tea plates as  saucers and when I got home I switched each teacup.  Can  you see the difference? 

I believe the tea plates have the scalloped edge and the saucer is round (with spoon).

There were three cups in total and two extra saucers. Not in perfect condition but then, neither am I.  

The sugar bowl is such a dainty shape although
 it was missing the lid.  Today I thought we could  use it as a vase .

Would you like some Purdy's chocolates with a cup of peppermint tea?  Mmmm....

The set was without a teapot or creamer

but it mixes well with my other  rosy china patterns.

I will keep up the treasure hunt for more Rose Cauldon China and isn't January the perfect month to do just that?

Thank you for visiting me today sweet tea friends 


"A Vintage Cauldon Rose Tea"!

Happy Treasure Hunting!


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  1. Oh wow Karen! That china is gorgeous, love that sweet elegant pattern! And the wavy look of the bottom of the teacups! Cute! What a find!

  2. Beautiful tea time post. I love to find new (old) tea cups. Enjoy your week.
    Betty @ My Cozy Corner

  3. Such a find and such a beautiful tea set. Happy to hear both the hubby and you got something special!

  4. Swooning here. So lovely! And the price! I immediately went online shopping and found a couple similar Cauldon but not quite as fancy - for 65.oo per cup & saucer. Gold star girlfriend for the find of the day! Happy Pink Saturday!

  5. Karen, you absolutely had to purchase this set. It is exquisite. I can imagine sitting in one of those pretty pink chairs to enjoy tea and chocolates with you.♥

    Happy Pink Saturday.

  6. I love the dishes! They were made in a town called Cauldon in England. There was a pottery there but not sure if still in existence! They made such beautiful things!

  7. Ohh...such a romantic tea time. Your china is just gorgeous, i love the rose pattern. So beauitful the pillows on the chairs too.

  8. the perfect find!
    thank you for sharing it with us and every good wish to a successful hunt :) !

    from fellow Cdn
    ~Sharon on the prairies

  9. Karen: Your new set is beautiful. Love it. Hope you find all the missing pieces. Sending a lot of hugs you way. Martha

  10. Good morning Karen,
    Your finds are fabulous. I love your sweet roses too and also would have guessed the china was Bavarian. It has that look. It is dainty and fits perfectly with your home from what we can see from the photos. I especially love how you set the table with the china roses and Royal Doulton. I find them so beautiful and have a collection too.
    Use it with joy and in good health! Best, Ruthie

  11. Lovely, lovely set! Saucers have wells in the center, plates do not. Sometimes that is the only difference!

  12. Lovely and lucky find. The set is so elegant!

  13. What a pretty and dainty pattern, Karen. All the pieces work well together. Treasure hunting is a lot of fun and I hope you find lots of other pieces to add to your set. Thanks for joining me for tea.


  14. The Cauldron pattern is pretty and I hope you find more pieces of it, although the teapot used this week looks just fine with it. I'm open to Purdys chocolate any time, I buy their hedgehogs at Christmas.
    Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday Karen.

  15. What a gorgeous pattern Karen. You certainly got lucky with such a find. It would have stolen my heart too. Your hubby was right because most times, if you think twice about a purchase from a thrift store, chances are it will be gone by the time you go back.

    And you have certainly created a most feminine and lovely setting for tea. I would have loved to join you for tea.

    Have a lovely week Karen and thank you for visiting me. I do appreciate your visits.


  16. Lovely teacups! You always find the best stuff at the thrift stores. I'm a waffler and I need to start following your "Get It or Regret It!" mantra during my shopping expeditions.

  17. Nope - I think something went wrong. I said that you sure hit the jackpot and everything looks so lovely on the table and blends so well together! So glad you shared.

  18. Karen,
    What a beautiful Tea post!! The dishes are stunning but I really love those chairs!! Drop dead gorgeous!!

    Thanks so much for taking the time to visit and then be so nice as to leave a comment!! It was much appreciated!!


  19. What an exquisite find. Just lovely. And I thought you had found a matching teapot, as it looks close in design.

  20. A beautiful tea time and beautiful china. You have the perfect home for it! How wonderful to have a teapot that matches so well!
    Hugs, Nancy

  21. Cauldon is one of my favorite companies! Just beautiful! So glad it found a good home! Back from break with a feeling-better-Honey!
    Thanks for linking to Tuesday Cuppa Tea!

  22. WOW- what an amazing find and at such an awesome price, too. This china is gorgeous!

    And I love love love your beautiful dusty rose tea time chairs at this pretty table!