Saturday, January 3, 2015

A Snowdrop Tea Time

Welcome Teacup Lovers to

"A Snowdrop  Tea Time!"

Today I am sharing the January Royal Albert Flower of the Month series entitled "Snowdrops" (which you seen before.) 
It's name is so perfect for January.  

The teacup is very special to me because my sweet mother gave it to me for my birthday many years ago.  

I have gradually collected the teacup, luncheon plate and cake plate.

As I am taking my final pics for this post, the snow is just starting to cover the ground.  Snowflakes are so relaxing.

On my thrifting adventures I have managed to find two other Royal Albert Teacups of the month (October and December).  Now only 9 more to find. 
 Do you enjoy adding to your collections?


Hubby and I received two boxes of these rich, yummy  donut chocolates for Christmas.

I hope that you will enjoy it with your tea today.

Perhaps it's time to diet.

But it would be such a shame to waste such goodies!  Lol!

Do you still have some traces of Christmas sweets and decorations lingering too?

Thank you for joining me today Dear Friends  for

"A Snowdrop Tea Time!"

Wishing you the very best of everything in this exciting New Year!

See you next week!

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Hope to see you there!


  1. Your January Tea setting is pretty as can be. Your beautiful Tea Pot goes with it perfectly. The treats look delicious. Your decorations are lovely.

  2. I love your beautiful chine and table setting. Happy Sunday, Karen!

  3. I love your snowdrop tea time Karen. Very delicate and charming. The treats look yummy too. You can diet later. Enjoy the treats today.

    Wishing you a blessed and happy 2015.


  4. Oh I love your January place setting! I have two January birthday's here and that would be perfect for us. I'll have to keep an eye out for those!
    Happy New Year!

  5. Your january tea setting is absolutely beautiful and the snowflakes! Oh..i can diet later...your treats look so yummy!

  6. My birthday is in January too. I have the same tea cup, I had no idea there is a luncheon and cake plate too!
    Now, I have to get it to complete the set.

  7. This is the most delicate shade of green I love it .So pretty and dainty and you gotta have pearls just a lovely tea.Can I come?Susie

  8. Happy New Year, Karen! I love your Snowdrop teacup and other pieces! So you are a January girl too, are you? I need to get me a Snowdrop teacup but they are hard to find around here. I have February, October, and December. No birthdays in February but it was gifted to me as a house warming gift by Hubby's aunt. The light green and white is so fresh and pretty! Makes a beautiful tea time setting. Thank you for sharing and joining me for Tea Time. Have a lovely week.


  9. The table is set so prettily. I do like the pretty snow flower design along with the soft green accents. The results are very elegant with the pretty centerpiece.

  10. Such a pretty pattern and it pairs nicely with the green depression glass.
    Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday Karen.

  11. Lovely set. I love the colors and designs.

  12. Your snowdrop tea is lovely, Karen, and how nice to find extra pieces to go with your teacup. I love your darling figurine, too. Happy New Year!

  13. Such a lovely tea table! I love Royal Albert's Flowers Of The Month teacups. A joy every month! You can't let those beignets just go stale! Thanks for linking to Tuesday Cuppa Tea!

  14. It is very pretty and i love it with the green depression glass and the green balls.

    Happy New Year!

  15. A beautiful set. You just can't beat Royal Albert.

  16. The snowdrop china is so pretty and so perfect for January. You make me want to have a snowdrop tea, too. There are Christmas sweets lingering around here, but I'm resisting and saving them for hubby's lunch.

  17. Beautiful green glass. The teacup is a beauty! I collect Royal Albert Provincial Flowers that my mother started me out with. I still have one or two to go.

  18. I was just wondering the other day what Royal Doulton's teacup for January looked like. It is very pretty, and perfect for this month. I now have two of the months, I agree, would be lovely to have each month. Your teapot from your mother is beautiful. The donuts look yummy, too!
    Have a good week, Karen!

  19. Such a pretty tea cup set... and your pictures are beautiful. The donuts look delicious...and I am not usually a donut fan. :) Thank you for sharing this.

  20. I love snowdrops ... such a pretty green, too. I love mixing glass with my teacups. Lovely teascape! Happy Tea Day!

  21. Hi Karen,
    thae RA January is so well combined with the green depression glass. Love that. I also have some trios of Flower of the Months. They are all beautiful. The tea pot is an extra treasure, beautiful shape and lovely memories. Thank you for sharing this sweet tea time.
    Best greetings, Johanna

  22. Happy New Year, Karen. I'm also a January baby so I love your pretty RA tea set.

  23. What beautiful colors you have chosen with the soft green. I always enjoy your posts and seeing what ideas you have! Love the snowdrops. We don't have any but I admire them! I am so glad you shared at Friends Sharing Tea!

  24. Your Jan. tea is so pretty! The greens are lovely, and your centerpiece with the green ornament and pearls extra lovely. Have a great weekend!

  25. Such a pretty tea.I love the colors and china and the donuts!

  26. What a lovely tea - how you put this all together is stunning. I love that special cup your mother gave you - those are treasures, indeed. How perfect.