Saturday, January 24, 2015

A Favourite Tea Time!

Welcome My Lovely Teacup Friends to

A "Favourite" Tea Time!

This week Sandi at Rose Chintz Cottage has invited us to share our "favourite" teacups or teapots at her beautiful blogspot 
"Rose Chintz Cottage".  She is celebrating five years of blogging!

This was a very difficult task for me since I love each and every teapot and teacup in a special way and really all of them are my favourites.

After much thought and careful consideration I have chosen Royal Albert's Old English Rose.

This beautiful, elegant teacup has a rose floral design surrounded with beautiful gold gilt. The gold is vibrant.

This teacup is in the Avon shape.

Royal Albert has produced teacups in a variety of shapes.

This is the Countess Shape.

And the Hampton Shape.

The pattern is even on the inner cup of this rich black cup too.

My mother was missing the teapot from her collection to her set but my sister and I were fortunate enough to both find one during our thrifting to complete our mom's collection.

Apparently the vintage crown china stamp
 1927 - 1935 has more gold trim than those  produced in later years. 

It is one of my favourite china patterns because of the beautiful rich coloured pink and red roses with greenery ~ just stunning against the white background.

Does beautiful china make you happy?

My favourite tea is Red Rose Orange Pekoe. 

Try one of my favourite pastel mints.

Or a favourite cookie?

This week was my birthday and my family and friends treated me to another of my favourite things.......

Beautiful Flowers!

The roses were from my son and his wife.

As I am taking pics of my Old English Rose dishes, I ponder as to whether any other blogging friends may show this pattern as their favourite too.

I am very eager to explore everyone's blogspot this week to see what your favourite teacup or teapot may be. 

Thank you for joining me today Teatime friends 


"A Favourite" Tea Time!

See you next week Dear Friends!


Thank you Sandi for planning a special tea time!

This week I will be joining these beautiful blogspots:

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Hope to see you there!


  1. Oh, Karen - you have such a wonderful (huge) collection of RA OTR china! I adore your beautiful post!

    I have 6 of the Hampton shape cups/saucers and a open sugar and a creamer/milk pitcher....and that's it. I used to have 6 of the cake plates but I broke one so sold the 5 years ago...kicking myself for doing so, too.

    I love to get this set out for Valentine's teas. I think I shall have to do that soon, once my Winter's Eve dinner party is behind me (just a few days.)

    You have inspired me to gather up my pieces and makes a lovely table with it.

    I wish you joy, laughter, good health and peace for your birthday and for your whole year. Happy Belated Birthday, tea friend.

    Thanks, also for your visit and sweet comment. It means a great deal to me. : - )

  2. Yes, indeed, Royal Albert's Old English Rose is a charming design. I have just one saucer. My cat eats from it. This saucer has been through the dishwasher almost every day for about five years and is only slightly faded.

  3. I love your china, Karen. So many different varieties of those beautiful cups... Happy Sunday, Karen!

  4. Ooh, ooh, Karen. Your pieces are exquisite, and you have set such a gorgeous table. I know Sandi must be thrilled with this beautiful table, too. I am heading over now to congratulate her on five fantastic years.

    Happy Pink Saturday, Karen. Thank you for always making Pink Saturday special.♥

  5. What a beautiful set Karen! So lovely and elegant. And it looks like your family knows how much you love roses, by the beautiful bouquets they got you. Happy birthday, tea friend! It will be a fun tea party, to see everyone's favorites.
    Have a good week!

  6. What ever the shape, Old English Rose has always been a favorite of mine...just drop dead gorgeous! Lovely post.

  7. Happy Birthday, sweet friend! What lovely flowers you've received. Your Old English Rose is especially gorgeous and I can see why it's a favorite. I love the black version with the roses inside the cup....swoon!!

  8. Karen, I am wishing you a happy birthday! My birthday was on Saturday. I always enjoy your beautiful posts and get to learn more about tea cups/sets that I adore.

  9. Happy Birthday Karen! Your posies are beautiful and who doesn't love flowers! I adore Old English Rose and I have two teacups in this pattern in different shapes. You are fortunate to have so many pieces and I love the black and pink as well. I would love to find a teapot too. They set a stunning table. Thank you for joining my tea party this week and helping me to celebrate. I enjoyed seeing your beautiful china.


  10. This pattern is really gorgeous and the black teacups are stunning. This is one pattern that I don't have in all my teacups! I should look for one. A beautiful post!

  11. How lucky you are to have the RA Old English Rose in so many different cup styles! Gorgeous! Happy Tea Day!

  12. So many pretty teacups! I especially like the dramatic black teacups!

  13. My, that is an impressive collection!

  14. Hi Karen, Happy belated birthday as well as Happy Pink Saturday! I am happy to stop by to say hello. You are a wealth of tea information. I love everything to do with tea. Enjoy your week and come for a visit soon.

  15. Ohhh...what a gorgeous china! I fell in love with your tea set. You displayed everything in a such beautiful and romantic way. I adore the soothing atmosphere of your tea time. Can i have a cup of tea with your delicious cookies??Happy Birthday!!!!Buon Compleanno from Italy!

  16. Very pretty teacups. I haven't seen the Old English Rose, it is so pretty, love it~ visiting from Sandi's Rose Chintz Cottage.

  17. Your collection of Old English Rose is lovely, I'm partial to RA patterns myself. I think I drink Earl Grey more than any other tea, although some brands make it so perfumey tasting which I don't like.

  18. Those are lovely! I love RA patterns best. And this particular set always reminds me of my dear cousin Helen. She had the full set and loved setting her table with it when we came to visit. She knew how much I liked it!

  19. Hi Karen: I love all your patterns of roses. Happy Birthday my friend. I have been so sick it has been hard just to breathe. I will try to be better at emails. I will be praying for your Grandchild. Sending hugs your way. Martha

  20. Wow, so much Old English Rose! That pattern is really lovely--the roses are so lush! I really enjoyed seeing all the different styles (and versions with the black teacups) of this pattern. Thanks so much for sharing them!

  21. You do have the most beautiful teacups! I enjoyed your tea time post so much! Thank you for the sweet comment on my post. My Grandmothers tea set is marked Ucgaco, made in Occupied Japan. I've done a couple other posts on the set if you want to look. Have a good week and looking forward to your next post.

  22. I recently acquired a Royal Albert Snowdrop teacup and immediately thought of your recent post. This cup appears to be an earlier version of the Flower of the month series. I do a blog for family and friends and just finished a post with this and a lily of the valley cup. Thought you might find the cup interesting if you'd like to visit my blog. This is the first time I've tried to post a comment and am just assuming this comment will lead you to the blog.