Friday, January 16, 2015

A Winter White Tea

Welcome My Friends to

"A Winter White Tea"!

White is  such a calm and relaxing neutral tone.

White blends with every hue and always looks clean and fresh!

White is the color of fresh snow and milk, the color produced by the combination of all the colors of the visible spectrum.[1][2]
As a symbol, white is the opposite of black, and often represents light in contrast with darkness. According to surveys in Europe and the United States, white is the color most often associated with innocence, perfection, the good, purity, honesty, cleanliness, the beginning, the new, neutrality, lightness, and exactitude.[3]

Today I would like to share a smaller bright white cup and saucer that has an embossed and intricate design.

When treasure hunting I have kept a look out for scalloped white tea plates also with detailed embossing.

This week I have been worried and playing with my pretties helps me to relax.  I am finding blogging an escape from my stress.

  My eldest son has pneumonia and lives at home. 
He is slowly improving. 
I do love him very much.

All that we love deeply 
becomes a part of us.
Helen Keller

I thank God everyday for my wonderful children.

Do you worry about your precious grown children too?

Thank you for visiting me kind friends for

"A Winter White Tea"!



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Hope to see you there!

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  1. Love the teapot and the lady in white. Enjoy the setting!!

  2. Love all the white. You have made a very nice display. Wishing your son well.

  3. Your winter tea time is so relaxing, so soothing..i love it very much. I adore the white tea pot, the white tea cups, the sweet birdcage with the roses...everything so beautiful

  4. The winter tea setting is so pretty. The white tea pot is so sweet. Have a wonderful week end.

  5. Karen your post is so exquisitely beautiful and so feminine. I love blogging to me it is so relaxing but I am away from all my stuff especially my pretties for about three to six months and it is killing me. hope your son gets well and make sure you take time for your self .susie

  6. Your tea is so calming, Karen, and helps to take away the stress. I hope your dear son feels better soon. And yes, I do worry about my four grown children. My third child has been living here with me, in chronic sciatic pain and is hoping to have a spinal stimulator mplant soon. I'm praying that it will relieve some of his pain. They're always our babies no matter how old they are.

  7. Hi Karen,
    Our children grow up on us but we are still moms, worrying as much as we ever did. I remember thinking that once they grew up, I wouldn't worry as much but that hasn't changed at all. I pray your dear son feels better soon!
    I am loving your winter white tea. It always looks lovely no matter the time of year. The edges of your plates are lovely and your figurine is so pretty. Thank you for joining me for Tea Time and take care.


  8. Winter white and so beautiful! I hope your son recovers quickly. I don't think we mothers ever stop worrying no matter the age of our children!

  9. Tea is always a good stress reliever!

  10. Wishing your son well and you less stress. I do love that little white embossed tea cup.

  11. Sending healing wishes to you son... White is always so ethereal and romantic.. especially in your lovely sitting room... It's such a relaxing teatime setting...Thanks for sharing..hugs

  12. Thoughts and prayers to you and your son. Yes I worry! And I miss them very much.Your photos are lovely. What an inviting home. This is a room I could feel right at home in! I am so glad you shared.

  13. Just wanted to wish you (advanced) happy birthday, Karen! Hope you have a good day tomorrow!

  14. Such a lovely setting - a winter white tea. The seashell encrusted starfish is very pretty, think I will make one for myself if I can dig out my bag of shells. Hope your son is on the mend. It is so difficult whenever we see our children suffering - no matter their age, we never stop being their "mommies". My 25 yr old son lives & works from our home, and I am so happy to have him so close by - definitely less worrying.

  15. Karen,

    I am sorry to hear that your son is ill. My prayers for a speedy recovery.

    Your winter white tea is both elegant and heart warming. I love your shabbychic decor. I hope you had a lovely birthday sweet friend.


  16. White is always perfect...and elegant! So pretty! Love the shell star...but I'm coastal. Back from break with a feeling-better-Honey!
    Thanks for linking to Tuesday Cuppa Tea!

  17. I love all your white--everything looks so clean and pretty!

  18. Hi Karen, just wanted to let you know again how much I love your blog. Your winter white tea is so beautiful. Thank you for sharing tea time! Praying your son is better by now!
    Blessings, Nancy

  19. This is such a clean, bright and fresh lovely tea post, Karen!

    I love that teapot and really adore that birdie. I do love birdies!!

    I hope by now your son is in better health. Yes, even if they are grown they are still our babies...and let's face it- pneumonia is some serious stuff. I have suffered it twice badly, the first time it nearly killed I kinda go in panic mode when i hear someone or someone's loved one/s get I will pray for your all and for your good health.

  20. Hi Karen, What diameter would you say a tea plate is. I would like to start looking for some. I have dinner plates and sandwich plates and saucers.
    Please tell your son to get better soon.