Sunday, December 14, 2014

An Old Fashioned Christmas Tea

Welcome Sweet Friends to

"An Old Fashioned Christmas Tea"!

Today I am very pleased to participate in Sandi's "Old Fashioned Christmas Tea".

I was wondering what I had that was "old fashioned" and realized that my whole home decor was anything from modern and most of my inherited antique furniture  and china is like a "Granny's".  Lol!!  

Well, guess what?   
I will be a "Granny" soon so that is just fine with me. My son and daughter in law are expecting their first child in February. 

But instead of "Granny",  I hope to be called "Nana"!

Today I am sharing one of my favourite china patterns that is "new" to me.

The tea set is Royal Albert's "Old Country Rose".

  I found it at a wonderful thrift store "Second Chance" in Lynden, Wa.   The complete tea set with two teacups, four luncheon, four tea plates, teapot and cream and sugar was just $40.00!

Love it's rich coloured roses colours with the gold trim!

I have made two of my special Christmas square recipes for our tea; Peppermint Square and Butterscotch Square. 

The Royal Doulton Figurine is called "Rachel".  I ordered it on ebay many years ago for my darling daughter Rachel.

Do you find Christmas Time makes you reminisce?

This vintage doll carriage  is one of my Christmas Gifts over 50 years ago! 

The china doll is not a collectible.

Although I did find a set of my mother and father's vintage Christmas tree collectibles in the box under the nesting table.

They used vintage thin brown twine or string and not modern attractive ribbons to hang these pretty collectible decorations on the tree.

Such happy carefree times when you're a little child.

As I reminisce I wonder if you would like me  to share a very old pic of my grandmother (my Nana), and my great aunts.  My nephew, Andrew, has become quite a genealogist and is enjoying studying our heritage.  He recently showed me this and I thought you may enjoy it.

Isn't this a perfect
 "Old Fashioned Christmas Tea?"

My dear grandmother (Nana) is Helen Knudsen.  She is the tallest of her sisters - second to last in the black and white photograph.  My mother happens to resemble her auntie Jeanette who she was named after. (Unfortunately they have spelled my Nana's last name incorrectly in this article).

Don't the ladies look so dressy and classy with their lovely hats happily enjoying their time together at this church tea? You rarely see these fine china teacups and silver teapots at church functions today. 

I must share a pic of my dear mother from last week.  She will be 94 in January. She used to wear hats to church every Sunday too.

 She is a Nana to 6 grandchildren and soon to have 6 great grandchildren!!! 

So pretty in pink and  enjoying some chocolate that I brought.  But  unfortunately her tea is in a plastic mug from her senior's home. My sis and I took in several of her pretty teacups but all of them gradually got broken after three and a half years.  So we are reluctant to take in more.

My sweet mother has alzheimers but we still 
 smile and laugh together.  And she is one of the few elderly there who can still walk.  She doesn't have a walker either!

The vintage pink and gold teapot was once my Nana's.

I was overjoyed to find this Pink Fenton candy dish for $6.00 in Redding, California while we were there last month.... because my sweet mother once had one just like it!

I hope that you will enjoy

"An Old Fashioned Christmas "
this year!

Treasure your fond Christmas memories friends!

See you next week!


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  1. Karen

    Your home is stunning. Very elegant and tastefully decorated. I do love that china pattern. It is such a great pattern to collect and what a bargain. The perfect setting for an Old Fashion Tea.

    The pictures of your grandmother and her sisters is beautiful. Very well dressed and elegant ladies.

    Have a great week,


  2. I so enjoyed seeing all the pictures you shared with us of your beautiful home and all the lovely decorations. Some real treasures you have. Olde Country Roses has always been a favorite with me. Wonderful Tea Time visit with you. Thanks.

  3. I don't think my message was accepted. Love the pics. You have so many memories. The tea set is beautiful.

    Charlotte Moore

  4. Oh, so much eye candy in this post! I love your feminine and romantic, old-fashioned decor. And what a steal for that Old Country Roses set -- gorgeous! The doll carriage is amazing -- what a treasure! and so are those beautiful vintage ornaments. But I have to say my favorite part of this post is that picture of your grandmother and her sisters. their clothes and hats are so elegant, and they look just lovely. Your mother is lovely, too, in her pink. And I love that pink and gold teapot.
    And, finally, congratulations on becoming a nana in February. What an exciting time!
    Blessings to you Karen, and have a good week.

  5. Happy Pink Saturday, dear Karen. Everything looks so beautiful, and I loved that you shared your memories with us. Your mother is so pretty.♥

    My mother has dementia, and I know times can be tough. Wishes for a joyous holiday season for you and your family.

  6. Happy Pink Saturday, dear Karen. Everything looks so beautiful, and I thank you for sharing your sweet memories with us.

    Your mother looks so pretty. My mother has dementia, and I know times can be tough. Wishes for a joyous holiday season for you and your family.

  7. This is a beautiful post, Karen! Your house is gorgeous! You got a fantastic deal on the Old Country Roses!!! Lucky you. :) I have OCR too, but a different teapot, and no cream and sugar or serving pieces. Your mother is looking great. I enjoyed reading your post today. Merry Christmas!

  8. Hi Karen,
    I loved seeing the pic of your sweet Mom and seeing your treasures from when you were little. Your OCR dishes were such a deal! I wish you could shop for me as you find the bargains! Your pink poinsettias look so pretty with your pink chairs. I'd love to have some of your treats with a cup of tea and look around your house some more.

  9. Gorgeous Karen! I love hor home, decorting and what a wonderful teaset! You were blessed! Congrats on the new our English family, grannys are always Nana! Thanks for linking to Tuesday Cuppa Tea!

  10. Karen, what a lovely tea posting! I love the precious pictures and your mother looks fabulous!
    Once again, you got quite the deal on that china! When Hubby and I were in Vancouver three Christmases ago, they all chipped in on an OCR teapot for my birthday and I won't dare tell you what they paid for it. It would knock your socks off! But oh my, I do love it and my family for getting me one!
    You do have a charming decor and it is very old fashioned which suits our tea party so well. Your tree is lovely. Congratulations on your soon to be a grandmother! I am Nanny to my little ones. You are going to love being a Nana. Thank you for joining me for my special tea party and have a lovely week, my friend.

    Christmas blessings,

  11. Dear Karen , your home is gorgeous. The porcelain, the Christmas tree, the little pink tree, the vintage ornaments and especially the doll carriage...absolutely fairy!Congratulations on your mother

  12. Your home does have old fashioned grandeur with the antiques and Christmas decorations. It was fun to look at the photo of your ancestors and I enjoyed seeing their hats. I remember wearing a hat and white gloves to church growing up.

  13. Karen, I will always smile when I see Old Country Roses. It is our "best" china. My terrific husband bought most of it for me. I do love it. But I think that your Nana's Pink Tea Pot is pretty special too.

  14. So wonderful, including the photos of your Nana and great-aunts and your lovely mother. I have Old Country Roses china, and commend you on your $40 windfall for so many pieces. Enjoy your holiday!

  15. Hi Karen, your pictures are lovely. What a great buy for $40! Congratulations on your grandbaby to be! That picture of your Nana is terrific with her sisters at a church tea. What a wonderful keepsake! Your living room is lovely, and that small pink tree in your dining room is delightful.

  16. Karen what an absolutely beautiful tea table so perfect. congrats on you being a grandma for the first time I long to be a grandmother. my grandmother was also named Helen and we called her Nana too. I adore the little pink tree and the very real Feminine touch you made with it.your tree looks lovely and those ornaments are areal treasure not only to look at but to possess you are very lucky. I wish I had something from my grandmother. Is ther romm for one more at your tea table?susie

  17. Oooh, there are just so many lovely things in your post, that I cannot pick just one to comment on. Lovely, lovely, lovely, especially Mom!

  18. Hi Karen: What a special Christmas post! Love all your memories that just add to the pleasure of my visit. So happy that your son is doing good. God has been good to us. Blessings, Martha

  19. What an amazing family and heritage and I too am Nana! I loved the photo and all the ladies look so elegant. Your Old Country Roses was quite the bargain and I am so glad you shared. You prove you don't have to be rich to have pretty! $40.00 was amazing. This is a lovely posting and I am so glad you shared!

  20. Oh Karen, I'd take old fashioned over modern any ole day! Your home is lovely and that tease you found is absolutely fabulous! The pink teapot of your Nana's is such a cherished treasure too. I get very nostalgic at Christmas time. Love the memories and traditions of my childhood! I wanted to join Sandi's tea and I forgot about it. Your mom looks amazing for 94. Blessings to her!!

  21. I thoroughly enjoyed visiting your old fashioned Christmas tea ! What a find , and what an amazingly good price for the Old Country Rose tea set .

    Your mother is lovely and very pretty in her pink coat , looking very good for 94 years of age.

    You're going to be a Nana , congratulations ! Next Christmas is going to be even more festive with a new baby in the family. It is good to remember family Christmas traditions and pass down at least one or two to the next generation.

  22. Karen il tuo natale è una favola!Stupendo!Sei anche tu nel mio girotondo di Natale,vieni a vedere a questo link:

  23. What a lovely post, Karen! I loved taking the time and visiting your home for the Christmas season. Everything is so beautiful! I can tell you love your home and your family treasures so much.
    My Mom is 94, too. We are blessed to have them still with us. So exciting for you to be a new Nana soon! What a wonderful gift for you and your family! You will have lots and lots of fun!
    Hugs and blessings,

  24. Your mother is lovely...what fun to see your family and learn more about you. I love your baby carriage and sweet dollie. Merry Christmas!