Monday, December 1, 2014

Getting Ready for Christmas

Welcome Dear Friends to
"Getting Ready for Christmas"

Last night we had our first snowfall and it put me in the mood to get ready for Christmas!

So I cut some berries off the tree in the front garden and

brought out my newest find...

a Royal Albert Poinsettia teapot.

$12.99 at Salvation Army a few  months ago.

I have been searching for a matching Royal Albert  Poinsettia teacup but in the meantime I found this Sadler for under $5.00 at 
Champagne Taste~ a Consignment store.

Green Depression Glass blends so nicely with red accents at Christmas Time.

This week I made two Rice Krispie Squares with the Christmas Rice Krispies.  My adult children love it and this is the last piece - just for you.  

I hope that you are 

"Getting Ready for Christmas" 

Thank you for your visit today!

See you next week!

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  1. Beautiful festive already! Our snowfall inspired me...but hasn't gotten me moving to swap seasons yet...hope to tomorrow. Love your teapot! Great find! And the green glass compliments the Christmas patterns so nicely! Thanks so much for linking to Tuesday Cuppa Tea!

  2. Those berries look gorgeous! And what a wonderful find in that Christmas teapot. Score! I just puled out a box of Christmas dishes tonight, such a festive time!

  3. Oh, what lovely berries, Karen! I cannot believe you found that RA teapot for under thirteen dollars! I declare, I'm living on the wrong coast. Both the teapot and teacup are simply wonderful finds! I only had one Christmas teacup for the longest time and then I found another last summer. Looking forward to sharing it. Your green depression glass is gorgeous and perfect for Christmas. Thank you for sharing your pretties and joining me for tea. Enjoy your week, Karen.


  4. I'm always impressed with your wonderful finds, Karen! What a deal the RA teapot was and I do love your pretty Sadler teacup. I wish I could visit and share that Rice Krispie treat with you.

  5. Your Christmastime mixing and matching is Fabulous!

  6. Your Christmas tea table looks lovely. I love that you had those berries in your garden! Perfect touch. Your teapot and cups are beautiful. Wish I had that Rice Krispie treat in my little hands right now!

  7. Those red berries are perfect for a Christmas tea. I love your tea pot and tea cup... both great finds! The green glass does compliment your red accents very well. Happy Tea Day, Michelle

  8. Hi Karen, What a beautiful tea table you have set! I love your teapot; that was a great find! The vase with red berries is so cheerful. Hope you have a blessed Christmas. :)

  9. I believe I have the matching teacup to your pot, which was a fabulous find for the price! The cup and saucer was received in a gift exchange at work years ago - a young fellow drew my name and his mother told him to buy the set for me as women like that kind of thing. :-) How right she was and it's the only Christmas teacup I have.
    The green depression glass does complement the colours of the season.

  10. The teapot was a great find...I have the same teacup!

    Love the collage.

  11. You are really ready for Christmas! The teacups, the teapot are very beautiful. The second picture is wonderful

  12. Your table is so pretty. Great deal on that pot! I really like how you mixed in the green depression glass.

  13. I love it all! Karen: I especially am drawn to your "Red Robin" items as I just recently found a plate and love the "Legend of the Red Robin" at Christmas. Your teapot and darling cup and saucer are wonderful! Love it all!

  14. Such a pretty teapot and teacup,just perfect for Christmas. I am visiting from Rose chintz Cottage

  15. You are really ready for the season... and your Christmas china display is so festive ... I don't have many Christmas pieces ..Maybe I should go scouting for some( Ha ha) Love the teapot. and of course the Depression glass fits in perfectly ... Everything says CHRISTMAS ...Hugs