Monday, February 16, 2015

A Toile Tea

Welcome Terrific Tea Friends to

"A Toile Tea".

I hope that you had a wonderful weekend!

I was so very fortunate to discover this toile  teapot about a year ago at Goodwill for $9.99.  The matching pitcher had unfortunately sold just before I arrived.

The handles on the teapot and teacup are very large.

A few weeks ago I spotted the matching teacup and tray at "Bargains Galore" in Mount Vernon.

I hesitated because the teacup was $8.99 and the tray was $6.99.  

But you know our favourite line....."Get it or regret it!"  So that's what I did.

This toile pattern reminds me  of my German "Love Story" china.

Don't you find the romantic scenic vignettes
on Toile Transferware charming?

I recently found this Toile pillow at Marshal's. 

As you know hubby just retired so we are off treasure hunting again today.  Soon we will be starting some retirement projects.

(The mantel, fireplace and kitchen at the cottage need a shabby chic makeover).  But for now we are having some fun.

Ya never know.  Maybe we'll just find the matching cream and sugar somewhere along our travels!

Thank you for your visit friends.

Enjoy your  treasure hunting days too!


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Hope to see you there!


  1. Hello Karen,
    You had me at toile! I adore toile in any colour but especially the red. Love the teapot and your cup and saucer is a wonderful match. I also spied the teacups on your caddy in the background on your buffet; lovely! Your tray was a great find too. I'm living on the wrong side of Canada I think. I never find treasures like those. Hmm, I would get away from all this ice and snow too, wouldn't I? My son sent us a video of the little ones biking on a path next to their home yesterday. The cherry blossoms are out and we have over 70 cm of fresh snow on the ground. Hard to believe that Canada is so completely different from one coast to the other. Thank you for joining me for tea and enjoy your day.


  2. karen, i love your china and your decoration!!!!! hugs, angie from germany

  3. I just love toile! My dining room curtains are toile and the quilts on our bed! Lovely red and white tea party today Karen. Love it! Thanks so much for linking to Tuesday Cuppa Tea!

  4. Your toile transferwear is so pretty! Hope you scored some nice finds during today's treasure hunts! I look forward to seeing the outcomes of your shabby chic renos.

  5. Karen, How fortunate for the first find of the teapot but then to find the matching cup and saucer and tray as bonuses not to mention the pillow. I love finding pieces that match something I already have when I'm not looking. Looks like you have several other matching pieces on your buffet. What a lovely setting for February.

  6. Your toile tea is so pretty, Karen. I guess the romantics in us, just love the old fashioned scenes. I know you and your hubby are having a fun time. There's always time to work on projects.

  7. I love them! I recently got a little tole creamer in the same colors at a Goodwill for $2

  8. What a beautiful teaset and reminds me to THT/Tenderheart from years back. The nice thing about the teapot is that it holds quite a bit of tea too! Your tablesettings are always adorable.

  9. How very lucky you found the matching pieces, which also looks so pretty with your pillow. I love scenes on transferware....your toile is lovely. Happy shopping! Visiting you from Rose Chintz.

  10. Hi Karen! Lovely Toile set! And perfect for so soon after Valentine's Day. I really like that german teacup set too! I have a set with the same pictures. Good luck on your search for a matching toile creamer and sugar :)

  11. The teapot, cup and saucer and the the tray are so beautiful.... I have some of the same set.... only with mugs, plates, serving bowl and platter... and I found it for a fabulous deal also... .which makes it all the nicer. I didn't know there even was a teapot that matched it... I will be watching for that... it is so very nice. I am happy for you and it all looks so nice in your beautiful room. :)

  12. Just love toile! Your pillow was a great find. I have a couple in blue toile. And that tea set! Gorgeous! Enjoy your time with your husband!

  13. hello, karen, they have such a wonderful china !!!
    I have the table white gerst richen, the closets I have already bought white !!! I wish you a nice week, dear greetings from angie from Germany

  14. Love that tea set couldn't possibly leave that behind!


  15. That looks so pretty and I am so impressed with the matching pillow!

  16. Wowwww...i love toile especially in red. I fell in love with your red trasferware! I'm really enchanted to see these wonderful pictures and porcelains in toile. The pillow is just gorgeous.

  17. Hi Karen: At long last, the good life! Love the transferware. I can't wait to see all the honey do projects as well. Sending hugs, Martha