Sunday, February 1, 2015

A New Teacup for Tea Time!

Welcome Sweet Teacup Friends to

"A New  Teacup for Teatime!"

It's been a busy week and so today's post
 may be a little shorter than most.

Last week was my mother's 94th Birthday, my Hubby's Retirement (after 41 years) and this week I will be a grandmother.

Sometimes blogging must play second fiddle  to other important things in life.

I found this pretty Royal Albert teacup at a little consignment store in Port Moody.

I fell in love with the pink and blue flowers.

It was $10.00.

It is called "Beatrice".

The tea plate is hand painted and marked
Prussia Royal Rimmelstadt.

The creamer is Adderley and the sugar bowl Melba. (I thought they were at matching set).

Today we can use this pretty blue coffee pot for our tea.

It is a Grindley.  Made in England.

Since I am trying to be healthy like lovely Deborah at The Beautiful Matters
let's have cheese and an oatcake with our tea today.

My dear grandmother was Scottish and made homemade oakcakes for tea time.

Thank you for joining me today for

"A New Teacup for Tea time!"

This week I will be joining these beautiful blogspots:

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Hope to see you there!


  1. Hi Karen,
    Beautiful teacup, I could tell it was a Royal Albert. Pretty tea plate too!
    Happy February!

  2. What a pretty Royal Albert teacup! I really like small cream and sugars, too. When I looked at the photo, I would have thought they were a matching set.

  3. What an exciting week for you! Congratulations to you and your family on such special milestones! I Love the pretty teacup! I haven't had oatcakes for a while...must look for them. Lots of potteries bought in decals from design houses, so no surprise your cream and sugar are the same but different manufacturers...makes it all interesting, doesn't it! Have a wonderful week and thanks for linking to Tuesday Cuppa Tea!

  4. Oh my, your new RA Beatrice is beautiful, Karen! I love Royal Albert. They make the most exquisite patterns. Your c & s is pretty too and I like the colour of your coffee "tea" pot. Happy Birthday to your mother, Congratulations to your hubby, and how wonderful to have a new baby in the family! I can't think of anything more exciting. Enjoy your week, Karen, and I want to hear all about that new little bundle of joy.


  5. Hi Karen, What a special time this is in your life! I know you and your hubby will enjoy retirement. It's awesome! And being a grandparent, even better!
    Your teacup is a beauty. Royal Albert has manufactured so many lovely patterns over the years.

  6. Another romantic tea cup and tea time...i always adore to see your beautiful pictures.

  7. Your assortment of pieces so it's a wonderfully and most beautiful table it is the most fun when you're able to sync it out individual pieces and merge them together into a coherent tea service the colors are beautiful and it would be a pleasure to sit down at your table.


  8. You find the loveliest teacups at second-hand stores! Congratulations on all the exciting milestones that you and your loved ones are celebrating these days!

  9. Beautiful teacup... of course it was RA. And I do like that plate. So PRETTY. They go so well together!

  10. Your new teacup,is a beauty and a bargain, Karen! You have so much to celebrate this week. Happy birthday wishes to your mom, congratulations to your hubby and a new birth that's coming up! Hugs and blessings to you!!

  11. Hi Karen: I love that RS Prussia plate. I have a small collections of RS, they are so beautiful to look at. Yours is amazing. Love your new tea cup as well. You really scored. I hope you are doing well. Sending a hug your way, Martha

  12. Well, I think you still managed a beautiful post, even with everything going on! A new baby is the best thing ever! Looking forward to hearing all about it. Congratulations to your husband and mother, too. Love your new finds, especially that plate with the gorgeous blue. All the pinks and blues look lovely together, and the beautiful coffee pot ties it all together.
    Your teatime treat looks yummy and healthy; it is rather hard to pass up delightful tea treats; I have to enjoy them vicariously on other blogs! Thanks for the sweet mention. Blessings xo Deborah

  13. Hello Karen,
    I am Heather Elizabeth from Blue Jeans and Teacups in sunny, southern California. I clicked over from Sandi's because I spied your teacup and just had to know more! Well, to find out it is called Beatrice, which is my grandmother's name sent me over the moon! Thank you for sharing it. It's one I will definitely keep an eye out for in days to come! Congratulations on all of the exciting happenings in your life!
    Blessings and a cup of tea,
    Heather Elizabeth

  14. Wow now that's a full week! Blessings to you all. Lovely tea to refresh you and get you ready for the next big thing.

  15. That's a love table and such an interesting such of "art deco" looking coffee pot which is all the rage now. Your Beatrice teacup is lovely and congratulations on so many wonderful celebrations! Thanks for sharing each week in my "Friends Sharing Tea".

  16. Karen, love your new teacup! The hand painted plate is gorgeous as well. I was lucky and found 4 hand painted plates for $3 each at a thrift in ID. Congrats on soon to be grandma and on your mothers birthday and hubby's retirement!

  17. What a wonderful week of family events! Congratulations on becoming a grandmother and having more time to spend with your hubby. Belated birthday blessings for your mother. You are so lucky to still have her with you. Have lots of fun this week!

  18. HI Karen, Beatrice is lovely! Great find :). Congrats on becoming a grandmother! Happy belated birthday to your mom!