Friday, April 24, 2015

Tea by the Lilac Tree

Welcome Teacup Lovers to

"Tea by the Lilac Tree!"

It is such a beautiful April day at the cottage and the lilacs are in bloom so why not have an early outdoor teatime?

The pretty teacups I would like to share today are both Hammersley.

I am so eager for many more outdoor tea times!

Thank you for visiting me today for

"Tea by the Lilac Tree!"

See you next week!

This week I will be joining these beautiful blogspots:

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Hope to see you there!


  1. What a delightful setting for afternoon tea, I would love to join you by the lilac tree.
    bon weekend

  2. I love your lilac bushes. Here they are just starting to bud out. Hopefully soon they will be full of flowers. You have some pretty bouquets to enjoy. The grass is so green and your outdoor tea party is a wonderful setting. You have shared two very pretty tea cups and a pretty tea pot too. Thanks for sharing.

  3. It is so pretty I wish I could smell the flower my favorite

  4. Oh how pretty! I love Lilacs and purple is becoming one of my favorite colors :)

  5. Those Lilacs are incredible. Wow! Mine aren't going to be to wonderful this year as I have a lot of dead in them. Your teaset pieces are always lovely. I do enjoy your blog!

  6. I love that teapot!
    I bet the lilacs smell so sensuous!!!!

  7. Oh, Karen your tea is so lovely. The setting is magnificent - such a tranquil and peaceful place to enjoy tea. I love your pretty teacups. I have never seen really lilacs, but I hope to some day.

    Happy Pink Saturday. Thank you for making it special.♥

  8. What a beautiful setting for a tea party! Your teacups and the lilacs are beautiful!

  9. Oh my, what a pretty post, Karen! I can almost smell those lilacs. They look gorgeous in the urn. Your china is lovely and I love the milk glass pieces too. An absolutely delightful tea outside! You are blessed to have that stream on your property. What a splendid place to enjoy a cup of tea! Thanks for joining me today.


  10. What a gorgeous setting for tea! I could stay all day and enjoy the tea. It's so wonderful to see lilacs again as mine are all gone and it's back to being a normal green tree. I like your deep purple lilac. I don't see that color here too often in lilacs. I'm sure the scent is heavenly. Beautiful dainty floral teacups too make your table so special. Thanks for hosting! ~Nora

  11. Very nice, Karen! I can't wait when the temperatures here are warm enough for an outdoor tea!

  12. I can almost smell the delightful fragrance of your lilacs, Karen. Both of your teacups are such a pretty pattern, and I always love your outdoor teas in your beautiful setting.

  13. Lovely! I love all of the wonderful light on those sweet dishes, and gorgeous milk glass, in such a beautiful setting!

  14. I love lilacs -- and yours are just gorgeous! They smell so wonderful, I wish they bloomed longer. Your outdoor tea time looks lovely, everything's so pretty and I love that hobnail milk glass.

  15. Your tea time is so pretty. The lilacs are just gorgeous and your porcelain too.

  16. Hello Karen
    That is the most beautiful setting for tea in the garden - I wish I could join you too!
    The urn of lilacs is amazing and I can imagine their fragrance floating in the air.
    Such sweet tea cups and I would love to have a tea pot like yours - what a beauty!

    Lovely to meet you today and I'm following you now.

  17. Sigh! I am looking forward to enjoying an afternoon cuppa out of doors -but no luck so far. Hopefully soon! Yours is lovely and makes me sigh to be out there enjoying it. HPS!

  18. Karen,
    Thanks so much for stopping by!!

    What a beautiful teascape!! I love the lavender!! Your lilacs are stunning!! My trees just have buds on them so far......