Friday, April 10, 2015

Two Travelling Teacups for Tea Time!

Welcome Dear Friends to

Two Travelling Teacups for Tea Time!

Years ago I gifted my sister with a Royal Albert Bridesmaid Rose teacup since she had just found the coffee pot in her treasure hunting travels.

Then she recently gifted me with the cream and sugar and matching tray. Thank you Sweet Sis!

I was determined to find the teacup and within a few weeks of searching high and low, I  located two Bridesmaid Rose teacups....

This sweet Bridesmaid Rose cup and saucer  I found through an online pic on Kijiji.  I managed to contact the Antique Mall called Almonte Antique Mall in  Almonte Ontario where a dealer had it in a showcase in his stall. (Do you believe it - $5.00)?  But the postage was four times it's cost.

 The other pretty Bridesmaid Rose I was elated to find through Etsy at Country Lady China in Rocky Hill New Jersey.  

It was a big trip out west for these two pretty teacups.

I did think that they were identical when I first saw their pics online but as you can see they are quite different.  The one on the left has more gold on the pedestal base but has less gold on the upper trim of the cup

and saucer.

But I do love uniqueness and variety in my collections!

This dear teacup travelled 
2,982 miles (4316 km) from New Jersey to British Columbia. 

And this  little darling travelled 2686 miles (4316 km) from Ontario to British Columbia. 

A grand total of  5668  miles.

Not an easy accomplishment at such a distance for two delicate and fragile teacups to travel.

But the shop owners did an amazing job and fortunately they arrived safely to their new home.

Sometimes it's  difficult for a teacup to make it safely out of the china cabinet to the dinner table, right?

(Thank you Lanny for the flowers from Easter dinner.)

I am thrilled with my new purchases and will continue to search for tea plates and a coffee pot in Royal Albert's Bridesmaid Rose.

Thank you for visiting me for

"Two Travelling Teacups for Tea Time!"

See you next week lovely friends!


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  1. Absolutely lovely collection, Karen - and you have set them out so beautifully for a tea time. Those two patterns are lovely and make a perfect sisterhood - as you and your sister have.....the same but different and go together perfectly with the same (Maiden) name! : - )

    I sell china for a living and will keep a sharp eye out for these patterns for you in the future.

    Isn't it fun to collect? I think it is extraordinary how far those pieces have traveled WOW! Glad they arrived safely for you. Broken china is a sin, and that's a fact to me at least. GL finding more! : - )

  2. I LOVE these. The more PINK the better. Ha!!!

    Charlotte Moore

  3. Hello Karen, Happy Pink Saturday. I love your tea cups and your entire little garden tea spot. Beautiful.
    Joyous Wishes, Linda

  4. What a fun thing to do Karen. This pattern is definitely worth the trouble. I am visiting you for the first time. I think I am going to enjoy reading your older posts and following you from now on. Have a lovely weekend Karen, Christa

  5. How pretty your new tea ups are! And your pink Depression glass plates look beautiful with them, too.

  6. Every detail is so pretty. Would love to join you for tea in that beautiful setting.
    Happy pinks!

  7. So fun learning about both teacups' journey! The pattern is so beautiful. It's interesting the slight differences in the same pattern with Royal Albert. Keeps each collection unique. I also enjoy searching on Etsy and Ebay for teacups. I'm glad you are adding to your collection. Thanks for sharing your lovely garden for tea time.

  8. If it makes you feel better Karen - in my shop I would retail the one with the gold for $28.95 and the other one $24.95! So now you feel better about the postage! They are lovely and you ALWAYS find great stuff!

  9. The makers often did various versions of a design...for different tastes while keeping the same name. Just beautiful! Thanks so much for linking to Tuesday Cuppa Tea!

  10. What gorgeous teacups! I'm so glad that they made it safely to your castle!

    I'm a huge fan of Kijiji and have scored some great deals on furniture and china. I also enjoy browsing online for teawares but have always been deterred by the high shipping costs.

  11. Hi my friend: These tea cups are stunning. I love how each one is so different. Hope you are doing well. Miss our chats. Have a wonderful week. Blessings, Martha

  12. Thankfully the tea cups did travel safely. They are so pretty. What a beautiful set you have gathered together. You have a wonderful outdoor Tea Time setting.

  13. So pretty and inviting, dear Karen. I am going to pretend I am enjoying your lovely setting and your charming companionship.

    Happy Pink Saturday. Thank you for always making it special.♥

  14. Oh what a sweet story Karen. That is truly amazing. At least the two tea cups have found their way to their new home where they will be cherished and much appreciated.

    Each one is gorgeous. Do enjoy your pretty tea cups.

    Happy Sunday.


  15. Beautiful. I collect teacups too! These are lovely additions . Hugs

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