Monday, August 24, 2015

Colclough for Tea Time!

Hello Sweet Teacup Friends

Welcome to Colclough for Tea Time!

I have been trying to stop buying more teacups. You see my cupboards are full and where will I put more pretties?  But then again, how could one  resist these dainty vintage cups and saucers?

And what a bargain they were! Salvation Army had all of their china for fifty percent off so I weakened and bought both of these two Colclough cups and saucers for $6.99- total.

They are exactly the same except that one is a pale blue.

And the other is a pale yellow.

History of The Colclough China Company

Colclough China CompanyThe Colclough china company was founded in 1890 by Herbert Joseph Colclough, who was an ex-Mayor of Stoke-on-Trent.
Mr Colclough was a very conscientious man who loved his pottery and was known on occasion to stay up all night next to his kilns, which he had packed, so that he could be the first to see the new designs when they emerged.
After expanding his company, he moved to the Vale potteries in Longton and was honoured when in 1913 he was visited by King George V and Queen Mary who gave royal licence for the company to produce Royal Vale china.
Colclough ChinaIn the 1930's Colclough China Limited was expanding fast and it was then that they started to produce the tea and dinner ware that we know today. They were the first company to produce fine bone china for the every day market which was marketed by the piece, ruling out the need for large sets to be purchased first.
In 1948, Colclough China Limited took over Booths and Adderley and then in the early 1950's merged with the Ridgeway Company.
Colclough and Ridgeway became part of the Royal Doulton Group in the early 1970's. However, in 1996, Colclough production discontinued and manufacture ceased.

 You know how much I do love shopping for treasures and collectibles across the border in Washington! But the low Canadian dollar is helping my treasure hunting addiction.

I did find these pretty blue shabby chic pillows at the Bellingham Goodwill for $1.99 each. Also too reasonable to resist?

Thank you for stopping by for 

Colclough for Tea Time!  

See you next week Teacup Friends!


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  1. Karen: I love those sugar & creamers. They are so pretty. Thank you for your kind words and your continued prayers. I have a lot to share with you soon. Hope things are going well for you. Sending hugs, Martha

  2. Karen, your Colclough teacups are lovely and I especially love the yellow one. I have a few Colclough teacups myself. When I was at the store up west, I saw a chair exactly like your ivory one only it was painted aqua green like your other chair. I almost bought it, I loved it so much. But the swan was pricey and I couldn't afford both so I settled on the swan. Your table covering is so girly and beckons one to sit and enjoy some tea time. Thanks for joining me for tea and have a lovely week.


  3. Hi Karen,
    Who could resist those two pretty teacups and at such a bargain? They are just so beautiful and perfect for tea time with your pretty teapot and sugar and creamer.

  4. Those are beautiful teacups and what a good deal! I certainly could not have passed them up! They are lovely with your teapot!

  5. Happy Tea Day, Karen! Love the soft colours of your pretty teacups. I have one with a similar design except mine has a light pink band and the flowers are slightly different.

    Thank you for sharing the fascinating history of Colclough china. I have numerous Colclough, Adderley and Royal Vale teacups so it was interesting to learn how their histories were intertwined.

  6. I always have to hold back on teacups. I have a small collection that I do not want to get out of hand! I have never posted about them so that is an idea for my blog!

  7. Hello dear Karen, i' m back! I really fell in love with your new pretty! The blue shabby chic pillow is gorgeous.

  8. Oh my gosh! What a bargain, wow wow wow!

    When I started collecting teacups a million years ago my #1 collection was Colclough! Since then I have sold off or given away most of my pieces but I absolutely ADORE the two you just found.

    If you love to collect, but really don't have space for them, you should consider selling on ebay or etsy - that way you never have to stop collecting, but you don't have to worry about storing the excess....and you will be bringing joy to others and give yourself a little pocket money too. It's easy. I have been doing it for nearly 16 years.