Sunday, September 6, 2015

An Outdoor Tea After the Storm

Welcome my sweet teacup friends to

"An Outdoor Tea After the Storm!"

Last weekend we had the worst storm on the lower mainland that I can remember. 710,000 homes were affected by the power outage.  My sis had no power for four days!

It rained off and on all week and so I am overjoyed that the sun came out today and I was able to have our teatime outdoors!

Well, I was a bad girl yesterday.

  I just couldn't say no to this charming Paragon cup and saucer.  It came as a pair but I am questioning whether it really is a matched set.

Can you see the difference in the pink roses?

Don't you think that teacups sometimes look more appealing without the perfect matching saucer?

The pretty saucer has the palest of yellow background. 

The teacup is white on the outer cup and pale yellow inside. 

Hubby actually spotted it and encouraged me to get it.  Keeper?

Sorry I don't know why the pic went sideways.

Well, do you think it is a mismatched set?

I also found this sweet little Paragon creamer in another little thrift shop

I have two similar teacups and tea plates that were once my mother's.

Sometimes one needs a storm to appreciate the little  things in life like electricity and being able to make a cup of tea or coffee.

After the storm I do think this will be the very last pink rose from the cottage garden. 

Thankfully some of the bedding plants were protected from the storm by shelter of  the cottage.

Thank you for visiting me today lovely tea friends 


An Outdoor Tea After the Storm!

See you next week!


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  1. Hi Karen,
    I had to smile when I saw your post for this lovely tea. The windmill cookies were my grandmother's favorites and she would have one everyday with her cup of tea. She lived to be 100 years old. Sweet memories.
    Your afternoon tea party looks so sweet.

  2. Well it sure is a wonderful, sunshiny day after the storm, Karen. I don't see the difference in the roses, and I so love your new teacups. Your hubby is a keeper in encouraging your love of pretty dishes. I also lve that pretty candelabra. It's such a pretty color and adds a touch of romantic charm.

  3. Sweet setting and place setting.

  4. Wow, that was quite a storm for the end of August! Glad you are fine and some of your flowers survived.
    How could anyone resist or say no to a Paragon teacup? You definitely made the right choice. I do see the differences between the pink roses because I'm purposely looking at them. Their differences are so subtle; nobody would really notice. Plus, I agree mixing and matching brings creativity to our tea tables.

  5. A Paragon is fit for a Queen and I think that must be you Karen! What a beauty and I love how you are painting shabby chic. It looks so fresh and lovely!

  6. Mixing and matching does bring lots of personality to the table, just like we do! I did notice the difference right away but they look lovely together, Karen. Glad your roses survived that terrible storm. My son lost his power for two days. Good thing there were Tim's open not far away! And a friend was able to take their food so it wouldn't perish. Pretty setting! I wish I could get a tea set up outside. We have had a weird summer with mosquitoes so bad it wasn't safe to leave the house and a lot of high winds. We had a beautiful long weekend but the winds were very high so it wasn't safe to set up a tea table. Perhaps next week? We'll see! Thank you for joining me for tea and have a lovely week, my friend.


  7. I'm so sorry for the storm but your flowers are always beautiful. I love the mixing you made. Your tea time is very romantic and dreamy.

  8. Resistance is futile against a Paragon beauty! I've always enjoyed the charming look of mismatched cups and saucers.

  9. Karen, this is such a lovely setting for a nice cup of tea. This would be a definite comfort after a storm...and anytime!