Sunday, January 29, 2017

Birthday Gifts

Hello My Tea Friends!

Another birthday has come and gone for me but I wanted to share my favourite gifts.

The beautiful hot pink and white long stemmed roses were from my dear friend Kelly.
I just love them!

The Royal Albert Seniorita teacup and candy dish were from my Sweet Sis!
Thank you Dianne!

I have been searching for one for years and do you believe it?  Sweet Sis found it at a garage sale.

I once saw the matching teapot for $60 at a thrift store and regretfully passed it by. 

It looks just like black lace, doesn't it?

I also bought myself a couple of Birthday/Christmas gifts.  Have you ever done this too?

I had been looking at this lovely Arthur Wood teapot for some time and finally decided to Make an Offer and won it at $12!

My mother used to have one something like it and  so it is very special to me.  Love it's gold gilt!

I had also been looking at this pretty deep, rich pink tea set for over a year and finally had a weak moment when it also became.... Make an Offer.  (Sorry I can't tell you how much - hubby may see).  Lol. I know I'm a bad girl!

It is the large size Sadler Cube teapot.

But... I am still on the search for a lighter pink one too.
Then my collection will be complete. (I hope).

Thank you for stopping by today!

See you next time. 


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  1. Happy Birthday, Karen! I'm smitten with your gorgeous RA Senority teacup. Your sister knows you so well! I'm also a fan of your pretty new teapots. We all need to treat ourselves on our special day, right?

  2. Happy Birthday...glad it was so special and tea themed! Senorita is very hard to find. What a sweet sis!

  3. Oh wow Karen, it's all so beautiful! I especially love the black lace one, and to find that at a garage sale?! Lucky sis, and lucky you! I had to laugh when you wouldn't tell us what you paid for the teapot because hubby might see it, you sound just like me!
    Have a great week!

  4. Dear Karen:
    What wonderful new pieces you have. My favorite is the old Arthur Wood teapot with roses. That is really lovely! You got some great treasures. People often ask me how my husband feels about all my tea stuff so I tell them he mostly wants to know "What's for supper?"! Ha! Thanks for sharing and linking.

  5. All your new treasures are so beautiful! I have never thought to "make an offer"! Now I am in trouble! Such gorgeous teapots on ebay!

  6. All your new treasures are so beautiful! I have never thought to "make an offer"! Now I am in trouble! Such gorgeous teapots on ebay!

  7. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Love the flowers and your new pieces. Better keep those figures to yourself. HAHAHA!!

    Charlotte Moore

  8. Isn't your Senorita teacup a beauty??!! All your other gifts are just wonderful, my friend. Yes, it's fun to delight ourselves with treasures that we know we would like! Looks like you had a perfect birthday!

  9. Happy Birthday Karen. Just beautiful and thoughtful gifts. Have a great new week ahead.

  10. Again happy birthday! You received so many beautiful and romantic gifts
    Hugs Alessandra

  11. Lovely gifts. I miss getting flowers. My husband--God rest his soul--used to buy me flowers for my birthday and at least little bouquet once a month. Treasure the gifts.

  12. Oh my word, Karen - your new-to-you tea china is stunning! What a great deal on some of those pieces, too, yay! We tea china collectors LOVE those happy stories!

    I hope you had a wonderful birthday. May I pleae - rather late- wish you the best year ahead, full of love, laughter, peace, and lots of lovely tea sipping.

    Have a wonderful day! ♥

  13. Haha . . . don't ever say, then my collection will be complete. I don't think we tea and china lovers ever feel that way! Love that Sadler teapot. Sadler manages to combines cosiness and beauty so well. I've never seen the señorita teacup, very pretty! And yes, I buy myself presents all the time!! Happy birthday! xo Deborah

  14. Your china is all beautiful. I love the pink Sadler tea pot. i have never seen the Seniorita tea cup also. The rose is so pretty inside.

  15. Wow!!!really very pretty birthday gift you got by your bestie like all the teapots, But deep pinks is my one of the my favorite.
    Unique birthday gifts