Friday, January 6, 2017

Castles for Tea Time

Hello Dear Tea Time Friends!

Do you love Castles too?

I have been gradually finding some Johnson Brother's Old Britain Castle and Alfred Meakin Medieval Castles pieces.

Every one features a different castle.

The teapot is Johnson Brother's Donnington Castle.

The creamer is Goodrich Castle.    

The lidless sugar bowl is Buderham Castle.

The teacup is  Caernarvon Castle.

The saucer is Alfred Meakin's Rhuddlan Castle. (When examining the name I just found out they are not a matching set. Lol.)

I keep all of my transferware china at the cottage.

I love the detail on all of the handles.

I have found one piece at a time while thrifting and treasure them all.  Thankfully they do blend together nicely.  

The tea plates are Mason's Vista. 

Thank you for stopping by today!

See you next time!


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  1. Yes , all your transferware pieces blend together so nicely, Karen. Happy New Year blessings to you!

  2. Dear Karen:
    Your transferware pieces are so pretty. It always looks so classy in photos and different pieces do look so wonderful together - even a bit more interesting I think! Thanks for sharing and linking Karen!

  3. What a great collection! Wouldn't it be fun to live in one of those castles?

  4. You have so many pretty dishes, cups, saucers, and teapots.

    Charlotte Moore

  5. I have never seen those before and they are gorgeous!

  6. Oh I love your red transferware! Your teapot is beautiful! I am glad they make so many different patterns for transferware. They all go so well together! Happy January to you!

  7. Karen, The red transferware pieces match very well! Amazing how some pieces come to you at different times. I loved seeing them. Sylvia D.

  8. Your transferware collection is fabulous!!!! I love the red and i love the castle theme
    Hugs Alessandra

  9. That's one of the things I love about transferware; it all blends beautifully and makes for a very interesting setting. And yes, I love the castles and villages and whatever other pattern they have on them. The pink/red is my favourite too. Happy New Year, Karen!

    Winter blessings,

  10. What an absolutely gorgeous tea set! I love everything about it. You have a lovely blog. Happy New Year and warm greetings from Montreal, Canada. :)

  11. Hello Karen,

    You have a beautiful collection of red transferware. I never come across any so I may have to check on Ebay. The tea pot is gorgeous.

    I wish you a blessed 2017.



  12. Hi Karen, I love red transferware and you have some gorgeous pieces! Last year in New England I bought 3 castle plates at a church rummage sale. 3 for $5, I couldn't snatch them up fast enough. I'll have to look on the back and see what they say. My first transferware was a box of mason that I found at a thrift shop for $20. I have it on a shelf in my living room. I was thinking of sharing my new additions in a blog post. I loved touring castles when we were in Germany.