Wednesday, August 16, 2017

A Teapot Wind Chime

Hello Tea Friends!

I want to share a lovely gift from my dear friend and hairdresser Jan. 

It's a silver teapot wind chime.  (I'm sorry the pics just don't do it justice).

It has beautiful vintage spoons and pretty blue beads for it's chime.  And the sound is amazing!

My sweet friend Jan is a little rascal because she asked me if I had any silver teapots for her craft group and then she surprised me with this one that I had given her. 

I still haven't found the perfect tree to display it at the cottage and may take it home where I have a larger selection of trees to choose from.  

For our tea time I chose this blue vintage Sadler teapot  to match the wind chime. 

The paler blue teacup is an Aynsley.  

I'm sad to say the pink roses are now finished but I was pleased to find some blooming white ones.

Thank you for your visit today and thank you to my wonderful and talented friend Jan for this unique and special teapot wind chime ~ it's such a treasure and 
I love it!

This week I plan to visit these beautiful blogspots:

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Hope to see you there!

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  1. What a special friend you have. Such a unique wind chime.

    Charlotte Moore

  2. Thank you Charlotte. I really do hope that you start a blogspot where you can share your pretty pink treasures and then I can visit you too. :)

  3. Pretty unique stuff! Love them!...Christine

  4. Your wind chime is really special and what a gorgeous Sadler teapot. Thelma

  5. The teapot wind chime is adorable. I absolutely love that teacup with the flowers inside instead of outside. Never have seen such a cup before and it's lovely.

  6. My what a wonderful gift from your friend. The wind chime is always appreciated with the pleasant sound! Your blue teapot is so lovely. Our rose bushes in Texas are dieing from the terrible rose virus. Hope you will pop over and view my post on Seashore tea time!

  7. The wind chime is lovely. Do you know what variety the white rose is? It's gorgeous!

  8. Hi Melanie
    I'm sorry I don't know. The roses were planted at the cottage before we moved in. I just love them. Let me know if you find out their name.

  9. Gorgeous porcelain!Love the teapot and teacup.Pretty gift and stunning roses.Hugs.

  10. Hi Karen, what a darling windchime you were gifted with! Your tea time is so pretty with your blue teapot and teacup on the sweet table and chair nearby. I recently found a blue Sadler teapot for $6.00 only the lid has a crack in it but could not pass it up!

  11. Some people are so creative! It's been so long since I did anything crafty, I wouldn't know where to start. Gorgeous!

  12. Love the teapot chime! I've seen some chimes made out of silver cream or sugar containers, but I like the teapot version the best!

  13. The chime is such a cute idea! Your Aynsley cup is lovely, too, I like the subtle blue, so pretty and delicate.

  14. Dear Karen:
    I love your fun wind chime and your shabby chic painted furniture. It all looks awesome with the tea wares. Your teapot is very fun with the shape and style. Vintage and lovely and so is the cup and saucer! Thanks for sharing and hope your summer is a delight!

  15. I'd say that was the perfect gift for you! So cute!I apologize for being late visiting! The last few weeks have been a whirl with birthday, sinus problems, friends visiting and then a smoke escape with a last minute cruise…only to return to more smoke! Oh well… Love blue and white, so this is perfect! Thanks so much for linking to Tuesday Cuppa Tea!