Sunday, April 7, 2013

At the Cottage

Welcome to Karen's Cottage and Castle.  This is my Cottage which is my paradise.
I recently had our old door replaced with this country style.

This is the beautiful Beach located minutes from my Cottage Home.

This is my Cottage Living Room - always changing.

I have been very anxious to share my Cottage and Castle blogspot with you. I love antiques, teacups and especially collecting. I have been inspired by so many wonderful blogspots this past year. This is my first post so I am learning as I go.

We purchased our Summer Home approximately a year ago and I have been very busy decorating and taking photographs during this time. There is still so much I would like to do.... My cottage is located in Birch Bay, Washington  - about a 45 minute drive from our home in British Columbia, Canada.(I will feature our Castle as soon as I can photograph it -  unfortunately there are structural problems and isn't quite presentable at the moment).

For my Cottage I have chosen Aqua and White. In the photo of my living room above you can see the white Ikea Furniture (new), the nesting tables (which I found at a little antique shop in Lynden), my coffee table (bought at a sweet consignment store in Port Moody, B.C.) and my (lamp which I found at Goodwill.)  The Duncan Fife circular table was my mom's who is now 92 years of age.   Friends and Family are always giving me amazing gifts to add to my collections which I love and cherish.  I just love Thrift Shops and I am always searching for treasures! 

  I hope to share many more of my wonderful finds in upcoming posts.

Thank you for looking.  Have a great weekend!  Karen


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