Thursday, April 25, 2013

Royal Doulton Figurines at the Castle

Today I would like to share my miniature Royal Doulton collection. I think they are charming and colourful little ladies and gents who brighten my china cabinets and tables each and every day.  They measure approximately 11.4 centimeters or 4 3/4 inches in height.

 The Collection

 First of all, I would like to introduce you to Penny Green.  Her  apron is a lovely mint green and her dress a light pink. Her hair is in ringlets.  Isn't she a treasure?

Next, wearing a beautiful mauve gown is Marie. I found Marie at the Vancouver Flea Market one Saturday afternoon for $8.00. Wouldn't you love to own a dress like that?

Could that be  a bustle at the back of the dress?

Now we have "Vanity" who loves to check her appearance in her hand mirror.   Her gown is a deep scarlet, her hair is up in a twist and her hair is ebony.  Isn't she lovely?

Aren't her facial features exquisite?

I found Vanity at an S.P. C. A. in New Westminster for quite a bargain.

And now I would like to present Dinky Do - isn't her name adorable?  Her dress is  a rainbow of colours: blue, pink and mauve combined. Her cheeks are flushed and  she wears a dainty white bonnet.  Her eyes show compassion and empathy!
 We found Dinky Do at the Croatian Antique Festival in Vancouver, B.C. on a Sunday afternoon. 
Daddy's Girl below reminds me of my darling daughter, Rachel (now 19).  Hubby spotted her at an Estate Sale in Birch Bay, Washington  for $10.00.

These cute little fellows are not actually Royal Doulton figurines,  but don't all pretty ladies need a man in their lives?

Hubby once again demonstrated his expertise in treasure hunting   by finding these tiny guys at the Aurora Antique Pavillion in Everett, Washington.  This fine fellow impresses the ladies with his skill at playing the bass cello!
 Doesn't he look dapper?

Prettiest of all the ladies is "Rose" in her pale pink ruffled porcelain dress and ringlets.  She is so perfect!  I had to have her and ordered her from e-bay.
 Isn't she lovely?
 My final two miniatures are the most precious to our family because my in-laws bought them for me for Christmas about 20 years ago.  Both of my 
sister-in-laws were given them too because we were always treated the same!  My husband and I miss his parents so much but  Christmastime is especially difficult when we remember our happy memories together like dancing around the Christmas Tree which was our Danish tradition.
I love their "Darling" and angelic faces! 

"Bedtime" is Thanking God for our Many Blessings!

Thank you for visiting
the figurines at the Castle!

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  1. Adorable porcelain figures.I'm happy,sure you have these figurines)))