Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Welcome to Teacup Tuesday at the Castle.

Vintage Foley Bone China Teacup 1850

I have had this dainty teacup ever since I first started collecting china over 40 years ago.  It is stunning and a lovely pale pink colour, with a delicate blue flower and accented with deep red flowers. 

The pink background has raised embossing sensitive to the touch on both the cup and saucer.  

The cup is an unusual shape.  It has a gold trimmed pedestal base and a  petite top rimThe saucer has an intricate gold gilt.

I believe that the 1850 is the style name, not the date.  On the cup in gold is the number 3813m.

Look closely at the beautiful pattern and colours.

The handle has is a simple, yet elegant look about it.
I have never seen another teacup quite like this particular style and I will treasure it forever!
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  1. Dear Karen,
    This is a very pretty cup and one I have never seen before. You did a great job photographing it. Love all your teacups below too. Pink? Yes! Turquoise? Yes!!
    Come visit us at Lady B's Time for Tea, Ruthie

    1. Dear Ruthie,
      I was so excited to see your comment! You are so kind! I have just started my blogspot and I am learning as I go. I hope to learn how to perfect the template. I will definitely visit you at Lady B's Time for Tea. Thanks so much for commenting!

  2. Hello Karen,
    This is a most unusual cup! You do not see Foley like this very often. I am a fan of Foley and always keep an eye out. This cup is unique in art and shape. What beautiful flowers on it, and the gold trim! Wow! Your mark dates it from 1948-1963. E Brain and Co. took over Foley in 1958, and stopped using this mark in in 63. This info came from Encyclopedia of British Pottery and Porcelain Marks, by Geoffry A. Godden. You might already know all this so forgive me if you do.
    I am so glad you joined in Tea Cup Tuesday today! I have enjoyed visiting you.

  3. Dear Terri,
    I was so excited to see your comment! I just adore your blogspot!! You are so very talented. Wow! I did not know what the marks meant and I am very interested in learning more about my vintage teacups. I really do appreciate you telling me this information.
    Thank you for being so helpful and taking the time to comment.