Saturday, March 22, 2014

Pretty Pink Baking Tools

Pretty Pink Baking Tools
I have had my yellow Tupperware measuring cups and spoons for about 40 years.   Could this be possible?
Perhaps they do look a little worn but they really have lasted well! Do you think it's time to replace them? Baking  should be fun and pretty right?


It was time for a change and so I looked on e-bay for something pink.


 These Tupperware baking cups and spoons were $28 on e-bay.
Am I being extravagant ladies?
I did search everywhere for pink measuring cups/spoons and found many much less expensive but they didn't have 6 cups or spoons.
The pink mixing bowls and large measuring cup I did manage to find at Thrift Stores. They stack so nicely and fit in the drawer perfectly.
The worst thing about baking is the washing up afterward but if I use my pretty pink tea towels won't it be more fun?
Washing in my new pink washbasin is fun too!
Now..... what shall I bake?
Have a wonderful weekend ladies! 

Today I will be joining Beverly for Pink Saturday!


  1. I don't blame you!
    Your new pink items are wonderful.

    Tupperware just doesn't wear out- but what happens to all of the lids?? Where are mine?

    Enjoyed visiting! And I am a new follower.

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  2. I love pink kitchen stuff--I always jump on it when I find it at Thrift stores :) My daughter found an old Sunbeam pink mixer at Goodwill the other day--score! I really love your mixing bowls :)

  3. Sweet pinks! def will add to your baking pleasure =)
    and thinking of the # of years use you had out of the first set, I'm sure you will benefit in value for $s =))
    ps- I'm looking forward to whatever comes out of the oven...;)

  4. Your pink items are really fantastic and very romantic.

  5. Pretty in pink! Love them! I liked seeing your photo too. You also are pretty in pink. :)

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