Monday, September 2, 2013

Cruisin' For Collectibles #7

Yesterday Hubby and I drove to Mount Vernon and we found this transferware coffee pot.  It said that it was a teapot but I am sure that the shape is that of a coffee pot.
I hesitated but Hubby said our favourite line, "Get it or regret it!"
I fell in love with shape of the base
and the pattern on the lid.
There were three matching demitasses and we thought they were so very cute.

It already has a special spot on the sideboard beside a similar Sadler transferware teapot and my Mason's Vista Platter. It gives me joy when I sit at the table and glance over at it!
Thanks for visiting Cruisin' For Collectibiles!
Hope you have a joyful week!
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  1. Hello Karen, thanks for dropping by my lavender tea. The red transferware pot you found is lovely, perfect for tea or coffee. I like your favourite line and guess I feel the same way when it comes to buying something special.
    Have a great week.

  2. Oh Karen, what a wonderful find. I would use it for tea, too. Isn't that so sweet of your hubby to encourage you to buy it. My dear hubby would've done the same thing. Enjoy your new set. xo

  3. Just gorgeous Karen - LOVE -
    My John would have went on and on about how we didn't need it lol -

  4. I am so happy for your treasure find! You know it reminds me of something I read once about Martha Stewart that she said she only went to the flea market, etc with a friend who didn't like what she liked. Ha! Your collection is looking wonderful and lovely!