Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Another September Tea in the Garden

Hello Dear Friends,
Welcome to:
"Another September Tea in the Garden"!
I really did not think that it would be possible to post an outdoor tea in the garden this week. 
I was overjoyed to find the sun shining brightly today and thought that I simply must post one more Tea in the Garden before the rain sets in once again.

Today I am at the cottage.  I wanted to water, plant my hydrangeas and cut the grass.  But what a wonderful diversion to have a tea in the garden once again.

Today I am setting our table and chairs in front of the favourite tree. 


I am using a tea cup that reminds me of a garden party. The lady is wearing a long gown and bonnet and appears to be gathering flowers from her garden. 
The cream and sugar are so very similar to the tea cup.

 I believe my great Aunt Nora cross-stitched the tablecloth.  The stitches are lovely colours of turquoise and gray.  I would love to ask my mother the details of the cloth but unfortunately she has Alzheimers and wouldn't remember.  Perhaps my older sister could confirm my belief.
The teapot was my sweet mother's.
I love the gold roses on the top.
The turquoise tea plate was also my mom's.
Do you see the raised embossed dotted trim with the border of pink roses amongst the gold gilt?  There are no markings on the back of the tea plate.
This could possibly be the end of my pink roses from the cottage garden until next summer.
But perhaps if we have a sunny September it may be possible for me to be surprised and delighted by a few more!
I am always pleased when you join me for Tea in the Garden.
Thank you for coming!

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  1. Karen:
    I simply adore your teacup and saucer with the Bonnet lady and how lovely that teapot matches too!
    I have been noticing some of these pieces while out antiquing and also linens with what they call by names like: Bonnet lady, Crinoline lady and Southern Belle Lady. They are darling and I find my mind wondering who thought of this idea?
    What a beautiful Tea IN The Garden you have set under the tree!

  2. Mi piace il tuo tea di settembre!Bellissima bonchina!Ho visto la tazza simile alla mia!Sarebbe bello essere seduta nel tuo giardino e bere un té insieme!Baci,Rosetta

  3. The aqua chairs caught my attention right away, and then I saw all the aqua accents of the tea table.
    Your teacup is delightful, as is the teapot. You are lucky to have inherited the beautiful tablecloth.

  4. That tea cup and saucer are just exquisite!!!
    What a beautiful vingnette - and LOVE that table cloth too!!!

  5. This september tea is just gorgeous. I love your tea cup and your tea pot. I agree with you that the gold roses are marvellous. I love also the turquoise.

  6. Hi Karen,

    Do I ever love your teacup! I have never seen one like it, so perfect for a summer tea! I am also in love with your beautiful chairs! You have so many lovely things for this tea,including the precious tablecloth. Lets hope we can have a few more outdoor tea's before cold weather sets in. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Karen,
    Thanks so much for always stopping by!!
    LOVE this tea post! The chairs are stunning as is the china!! Beautiful!!


  8. What a lovely post!
    Tea in Garden..... how wonderful.
    I's still tooooooo hot here to be outside in the afternoon. Still almost 100 degrees.
    I LOVE your tea cups!! They remind me of Southern Belle's.
    I have a large collection of Southern Belle linens. My linens and your tea cups..... would make a lovely pair.
    Thank you for sharing such a lovely setting.
    Enjoy your tea!

  9. So very lovely! I want to be there right now! Have a wonderful Pink Saturday!

  10. OH MY goodness the teacup is spectacular. The colors brilliant with the gold trim. What a magical setting.

  11. Right that's it. I'm going to stop looking at all these wonderful Blogs and go and unearth my grandmother's fine china - you have inspired me. What wonderful photos. Oh I would so like to offer tea like that at my place - mind you we don't quite have the garden like you...!!

    Thank you so much - love this post

  12. How wonderful to have this lovely place to have tea and the sunny weather! Glad you are enjoying your beautiful heirlooms like your pretty tea cloth. For two years we did not have anyone in a school district, now my son is working for Rockwall ISD, Texas as the Sports Media Coordinator after being a tv anchor in news and sports for several years. He is now back in the area and enjoying the new school year. Your Dainty Lady cup and saucer plus the creamer and sugar has always been a favorite design of mine. The gold and turquoise teapot is gorgeous and perfect with the white and blue curving chairs. We are still in the 95's so outside is too warm here or tea. Have a great week and thanks for your wonderful thoughts.


  13. Quantas imagens lindas!!
    Fiquei encantada...