Monday, September 9, 2013

A New China Pattern

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 A New Favourite  China Pattern: Foley Century Rose.
When I retired this June a dear high school friend gave me this elegant Foley Century Rose cake plate as a gift. 
I searched on e-bay and found the matching tea cup at an affordable price.  I just adore the pink roses on the inner cup!
Don't you find it exciting when a package arrives in the mail?

Last weekend Hubby and I came across the matching cream and sugar at an antique mall.
This gorgeous, giant bouquet of flowers in the background were  from my best friend's son's wedding.  He is actually one of our city councillors so it was such an honour to attend.
Another collection to hunt for?  Such fun! 
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  1. Привет Карен! Очень красивые чашки! Я тоже люблю посуду с розами))) Спасибо за посещение моего блога и комментарий! Мне очень приятно))) Удачи тебе! Анисса)

  2. What a beautiful set Karen - and how lucky to find matching pieces !!!

  3. That bouquet is gorgeous, Karen! The china is delightful and the plate really is lovely. I love the teacup with the roses adorning the inside of the cup. Such a pretty pattern and how wonderful to find the other pieces. Collecting china really is a wonderful hobby, isn't it? I am looking forward to seeing your pieces of Rose Chintz. I'm sure you will come across many pieces that I don't have becuase you live in a much larger area than I. Thank you for coming to tea with me and sharing your pretty Century Rose pattern.


  4. Hi Karen, what a pretty new pattern. I love the roses and the color. What fun to look for other pieces. Your bouquet is exquisite and so pretty on your table. xo

  5. That is a lovely pattern. I always seem to be drawn to Foley china

  6. Hello sweet Karen. Happy Monday. Congrats on your retirement. That has to be an amazing feeling. I still have a while to go on my retirement so please pray that it goes fast for me. What a thoughtful friend to give you such a lovely gift. The plate and the matching pieces are very pretty and lovely. It is such a romantic and feminine pattern. Isn't Ebay just a great source?? Thanks for coming to visit me. I always enjoy reading your sweet comments.

  7. Such a pretty pattern! How lucky to find the teacup, sugar, and creamer! I noticed your lovely table and chairs, so perfect for the beautiful dishes! Have a great week and good luck finding more of the beautiful pattern!

  8. Hello Karen,
    First off, the plate your friend gifted you is very sweet. It is such a lovely rose pattern, no wonder you went to look for a match. Your new tea cup is gorgeous! And yes, I too get excited too when a package is coming, especially when there is china in it : ) And how lucky that you found the matching cream and sugar! That is luck!

  9. Hi Karen: Love the tea cup. The large rose patterns are one of my favorites. Blessings, Martha

  10. Hi Karen. Looks like maybe your reno nightmare is much better now. Your dining room looks lovely as does your new china. I love those gentle rosy patterns, don't you? They always look right no matter what the occasion. I've just discovered a "for sale" sign on out immediate neighbour's front lawn first thing this morning. Their neighbour just sold last week. Oh boy, this probably means two new duplexes and a load more construction noise for me! Mind you these neighbours were NOISY to the MAX. Nice people but just obnoxiously noisy, so maybe we'll have better luck with new neighbours. :)