Saturday, July 13, 2013

A Little Blue!

A Blue Day!
The day started out like any other day... I put in the laundry and was happily photographing my pretty  hydrangeas that I had just picked from the garden.

And some bright roses too~

And then -  the washing machine overflowed!!!!

Quickly we grabbed towels, comforters and buckets and mopped up as much as I could with my son. I couldn't have turned off the water and done it without my wonderful son, Bradley and daughter, Rachel!

The culprit!
When I ran down the basement I realized that we really had a problem.  The water was leaking down through the vents, light, ceiling fan and ceiling! I called the emergency insurance company nunber.
Within an hour a restoration crew of about ten people had arrived.  They taped up the floor and started boxing up all of the dishes from my china cabinet in the kitchen. 
Boo hoo!

We just had our kitchen renovated a year and a half ago.
I loved my kitchen!
The crew started clearing out my appliances.
And by the end of the week my kitchen, basement and laundry room were gone!
But the pumps are still noisily pumping away!
I am upset!  My house is a mess!  I can't cook, wash clothes or play with my pretties!
I can't find anything! The rooms are zippered off!
The insurance company said that we can move to a hotel and that it will likely take up to 12 weeks to complete - that's the end of October!!!  I need a new kitchen and laundry room floor, washing machine and basement ceiling and walls, floors and lighting.
Right now I am at the cottage trying to forget.
I know that things could be much much worse.  My kids are healthy and safe and nothing else really matters.
But wouldn't you be a little blue too? 


  1. Oh,Karen,no!Mi dispiace tanto tanto!ti conosco da poco ma ho capito che sei dolcissima e ami la casa!La tua è una bella casa meravigliosa,mi spiace vederla così!Fatti coraggio,l'importante è che siete tutti salvi.Mi raccomando ora non abbondonare il blog!Baci,Rosetta.

  2. OMG!!!! I can't imagine! I am amazed that such a crew exists! we have NOTHING like that, I would be doing all of that myself and waiting to hire a contractor!!!
    Actually, I will be boxing up almost my whole downstairs in August in preparation for having Pergo max wood laminate floors installed.....I am not looking forward to that but I am looking forward to my new floors and countertops and kitchen sink and medicine cabinet and light fixture in the Powder Room!! I will be off on vacation when this is happening and we will have to move things from room to room as they finish each room....

    Thanks so much for stopping by! I got the bench in Big Lots. On sale , it was $70. I know they are having friends and family this Sunday with 20% off in the store. Check their web site if there is one near you and it is going on there.


  3. OMG... I am sorry that you and your family had to go through this. And 12 weeks..Boy that has to be tough to handle. But thank God you are all ok. Hand in there.. You will get through it.


  4. Oh good lord! So reminding me of what I've been going thru for the last 6 months. I'm so glad to be out of Vancouver and away from the Vancouver house for a little while. (Not that there isn't monstrous amounts of work her but at least no disasters...oops, knock wood.) Keeping my fingers and toes and eyes crossed for you that things go smoothly. :)