Monday, July 22, 2013

Teacup Christmas Tree

A Teacup Christmas Tree
Hello Dear Friends,
Did you know that Sandi at Rose Chintz Cottage is hosting a Christmas in July Tea Party ?
Unfortunately, all of my Christmas decorations are now packed away.
Although if you look closely at my Christmas tree from December 2012, hopefully you will see some teacups hanging on my Teacup Christmas Tree.  Every Christmas I hang  favourite pink and rosy teacups on our tree  ~ it's our family tradition.  
 (Only pink decorations will match my dining and living room colours ~ red clashes terribly with my rosy coloured furniture.)
 I just add  pretty ribbons and hang my special and favourite pink saucer-less teacups on the Christmas Tree.  I found this little darling recently.

Since it is unmarked I'm not sure where it is made but perhaps this wee cup is from Bavaria.

It has a pretty tiny flower inside with gold trim visible when you take a sip.  The flower on the outside somewhat resembles a fuschia flower.
Do you see the unique scalloped base?
 Now for a more Christmasy looking teacup...
I did manage to find this adorable wee Christmas Holly demitasse last week  at a little antique shop in Lynden.   It came in the tiny box behind it.
Thank you for visiting "A Teacup Christmas  Tree" in July!
In December I promise to show you some close up photos of my treasured teacups on my 2013 tree.

Today I am joining:
Hope to see you there! 


  1. Hi Karen,
    Oh, your teacup tree is so pretty! What a lovely way to use saucer-less cups. I've had little teacup trees but my guys would not appreciate our big tree filled with teacups. ;) The holly cup is lovely and your newest find is very sweet!
    In answer to your question, my Christmas in July is my Tea Time Tuesday post for this week but you are more than welcome to link up another teacup later if you wish. It doesn't have to be only Christmas this week. Thank you for coming to tea and enjoy your day.


  2. Hi Karen,
    Happy Christmas in July Tea! Love your furniture! Your living room colors are very similar to mine. I'm like you, I think my living room will not look good if I use the traditional colors. Thank you for sharing!

  3. Your Christmas tree is very beautiful and very romantic with all the pink decors. Your tea cups are wonderful.

  4. I love the teacup tree. I had one in our dining room once, and it was so nice, and a good way to use those saucer-less cups too!

  5. Hi Karen, I love your teacup tree and the pretty teacups that you've shared for Sandi's party.

  6. Hello Karen,
    Those are two very lovely cups! I adore the delicate watercolor like painting on the first cup. Just gorgeous! The second cup is also lovely and very festive. Your tree from last year looks amazing! wow!

  7. Hi Karen: I love your tea cup Christmas tree. I will stop by and see what you do this Christmas. Your cups are beautiful. The first one is my favorite. Have a wonderful week. Blessings, Martha

  8. Bellissimo Karen!Anche a casa mia il Natale è rosa!Se ti piace il natale e se ti fa piacere vieni a visitare il mio blog di
    Un bacione,mi piacciono i tuoi gusti.Rosetta

  9. Love your teacup tree and what a good idea to hang your saucerless cups! Happy Tea Day!

  10. Your tree and decor is lovely! I have a teapot too with that pattern. Your home is really lovely!

  11. Hi Karen. That is a lovely tree you had last Christmas and a great way to display little orphaned cups. One year my daughters and I made candles inside our orphaned tea cups. Those looked lovely. Have you ever tried that? It was easy with supplies from a bee's wax factory/shop on Willingdon. But it's probably just as easy to get the supplies from Michael's these days, isn't it? Love your little red berry cup. :)

  12. Ambled over from Artful Affirmations... I am sitting here slapping my forehead think WHY DIDN"T I THINK oF THAT!!! I love the idea of hanging saucerless cups on a Christmas tree! I'm thinking regretfully of saucerless cups I've passed up! Never again!