Sunday, July 21, 2013

Cruisin' For Collectibles #5

Today Mr. Cruisin' and I woke up bright and early and headed for the yearly Anacortes Shipwrecked Flea Market.  There were over 200 vendors in the street!  I was searching for a chandelier for the cottage bedroom.
It was very crowded with intense shoppers.

Some of the displays were just beautiful!

The main street was surrounded by vintage city buildings.

Even the side streets had booths of interest.
Alley Cats Antique Store had an outdoor garden filled with flowers, planters and wrought iron furniture. 
Now.... would you like to see our finds?
First of all, some little china spoons ~ with pink roses. Only $1.00 each.
This turquoise and rose  plate which will match the cottage colours ~ $8.00.  Mr. Cruisin' bargained the vendor from $12.
A teacup for $3.00 without a saucer.  I have a cake plate to match at the castle so  now I will have to search for it's saucer or maybe find a mismatched one.
Some oval needlepoint pictures which I immediately hung in the master bedroom at the cottage.  (I am transforming the colours from blue into mauve and green tones.)

I found this flower pot for $1.00

Mr. Cruisin' found some toy cars  and a cap gun to add to his toy collection.
He liked the faces of the passengers on the bus!
And he bargained with the vendor gal to get me this sweet rosy lamp for $13.00.
No chandeliers on this trip....maybe next time!
The highlight of the day was having a picnic on the water's edge.  Isn't it breathtaking?
Mr. Cruisin' wanted me to take a picture of this old ship below.

Thanks for visiting Cruisin' For Collectibles #5.
See you next week for my regular tea time blog.
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  1. How many treasures! The china spoons and the rosy lamp are just gorgeous!

  2. Karen!Che meraviglia questo mercatino!Cose stupende!Bellissimi i tuoi acquisti!Baci,Rosetta

  3. We've been to Shipwreck Day in Anacortes - it is such fun. I got several great christmas presents there - and of course pretties for myself too. Great finds!!!