Friday, July 19, 2013

A Touch of Rosy Pink


A Lucky Find
I popped into Value Village
And what did I find?
Two rosy pink chairs...
Two of a kind!

The chairs are like new!

Since "six foot one " Beloved Hubby refuses to sit in our dainty vintage white chairs at the cottage table, I thought these pink chairs might be more comfortable for him and hold his larger frame. 

Does he mind pink?  Of course not!

Do you think it adds a little colour to the turquoise and white in the cottage? Or, is it too much pink?
The price was right  .... $19.99 each.

Perhaps I should paint the wood white?  What do you think dear friends?

The wood on the chairs does match perfectly with the kitchen cabinets and trim around the doorway (which I want to change some day to white when I have lots of energy - maybe I'll paint the chairs and pedestal table then too).

I also recently found this pretty little rose plate for $4.99. 

It seems to blend with the chairs.




I thought the back of the chairs were a little beachy ~
They have a pattern of  rosy pink palm trees.

Guess what?  Hubby ate his dinner sitting in one of the rosy pink chairs last night!  He said it was comfy too!  Hooray!

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Today I will be joining Pink Saturday!
Thank you Beverly for hosting such a fun linky party!
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  1. Karen,
    LOVE the chairs and you can't beat that price!! And the plate is stunning!!


  2. If this comes through twice - just delete it - your chairs are wonderful! What a great bargain!

  3. Cara Karen,le sedie sono belle!Io i braccioli bianchi li farei!Il piatto è meraviglioso!Baci,Rosetta

  4. For me, pink is never enough! I live in pink! Your chairs are adorable. They will be more beautiful if yuo paint the wood in white. They will be in shabby chic style...perfect!Thanks for your lovely comment!

  5. Love a bargain! Excellent deal. And comfy is good! I vote to paint them white. Happy Pink Saturday!